Saturday, July 4, 2020

Master these 5 secrets during pregnancy and give birth to smart and beautiful babies

Every pregnant mother has a wish, hoping that her baby will be taller and taller in the future. Maybe someone wants to say that this is not affected by the genetics of the parents?

There is an inevitable connection between the baby's face value and hereditary inheritance. However, if the pregnant mother consciously supplements the following foods during pregnancy, the diet will be improved. What the pregnant mother eats during pregnancy will have a great impact on the baby! It has a vital role in the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen. A reasonable diet can help you produce a beautiful and lovable baby. The following editor will take you to open these passwords:

The secret to whitening your skin

If the parents have dark skin, pregnant mothers can eat foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C can inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin, reduce the precipitation of melanin, and make the baby's skin white and attractive. The main foods include tomatoes, grapes, oranges, winter melons, onions, garlic, apples, prickly pears, fresh dates and other vegetables and fruits. Among them, apples are the best skin whitening secret. Apples are rich in vitamins and malic acid, can increase hemoglobin, make the skin red and white, and pregnant mothers who have anemia have better tonic effects and can be used as the first choice.

The secret to having a higher body

If the parents are "sorry", they can eat foods rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D promotes bone development and growth, and promotes human body heightening. This effect is most obvious for fetuses and babies. As long as the food contains shrimp skin, egg yolk, animal liver and vegetables, etc.

In addition, many foods can not be ignored by pregnant mothers. Such as honey, pregnant mothers often take honey, which can supplement a variety of nutrients, but also moisturize laxative, enhance the body's digestion and absorption function, so that pregnant mothers feel happy and comfortable. There are some foods that pregnant mothers cannot eat too much, such as spicy peppercorns, cloves, peppers, etc.

The secret of having a wise brain

Pregnant mothers eat more foods rich in iodine, which can promote fetal brain development and improve intelligence, such as kelp, seafood products, supplement the fetal demand for iodine to promote thyroid synthesis, which is conducive to the good development and growth of the fetal brain. As long as the food rich in iodine is kelp, it is also rich in trace elements such as protein, fatty acid, calcium, iron, etc., which can improve the body's ability to resist infection, and has the effect of nourishing the brain and brain.

The secret of having black hair

If parents have poor hair quality and hair quality problems, pregnant mothers should eat more foods containing vitamin B. Such as lean meat, fish, animal liver, milk, bread, beans, eggs, seaweed, walnuts, sesame, corn, and green vegetables, these foods can improve the child's hair quality, not only thick, black, but shiny.

The secret to having bright eyesight

Pregnant mothers should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg yolk, milk, cod liver oil, Hu Luobu, apples and so on. Among them, chicken liver contains vitamin A the most, and Hu Luobu can also promote the increase of hemoglobin and increase the blood concentration. Pregnant women eat more of these foods can help the baby's vision development, the formation of superior vision.

If the parents' skin is rough, pregnant mothers can often eat foods rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A can protect skin epithelial cells, and the baby's skin is delicate and shiny. The main foods include animal liver, egg yolk, milk, Hu Luobu, tomatoes and green vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and vegetable oils.

The scientific choice of supplementation can make mothers and babies benefit a lot. The editor reminds many pregnant mothers that they should never eclipse food. Balanced scientific supplementation can make the baby grow up healthily.

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