Saturday, July 4, 2020

Master the principle of adding milk powder to help your baby through the weaning period

Breastfeeding babies can gradually feed formula milk after growing up to 6 months. How to add milk powder to the baby during the weaning period?

Four-month-old babies usually just start adding supplementary foods. At this time, supplementary food supplements are relatively simple. Moms should not be worried. Some mothers add supplementary foods to their babies after 6 months. The situation varies from person to person. Babies under one year of age mainly drink milk, and daily supplements should be added on the basis of 500ml-1000ml of milk.

The principle of adding milk powder to the baby during weaning

Before preparing milk powder, some working mothers need to get it in place, first read the instructions and wash their hands. Sterilize the baby's milk utensils: baby bottles, pacifiers, dust caps, wash with water first, and then boil in boiling water for 5-10 minutes for disinfection.

Pour an appropriate amount of 40℃-60℃ warm water into a milk bottle, put in an appropriate amount of formula milk powder, and pick it up and shake it evenly.

Do not shake the bottle too much to prevent air from entering the bottle and being fed by the baby into the belly, which can cause spitting. If the baby doesn’t finish the milk, don’t leave it for the baby to eat next time, just pour it out. If you have a pet in your house, you can drink it without waste.

Don’t change your baby’s milk powder frequently

During weaning, avoid changing the brand of milk powder frequently for babies, because the nutrition ratio of milk powder formulas of different brands is different. If each baby eats a milk powder, it needs a process to adapt. Frequent replacement of milk powder will make the baby produce Anorexia, indigestion and other reactions.

If your baby is not used to a certain brand of milk powder and has constipation or diarrhea, replace the milk powder in this case. Milk powder replacement needs to be adapted from a small amount and gradually transition to the amount that needs to be fed. The process takes about a week.

When the baby is sick or has just been vaccinated, do not change the milk powder for the time being, to avoid aggravating the disease or adverse reactions of the vaccine, and do not change the milk powder in the morning or evening, so as not to affect the baby's digestion and sleep.

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