Thursday, July 9, 2020

Marital sex knowledge sharing

For couple sex education, many people are afraid to discuss with their lover because they are shy. However, do you really pass the knowledge of sex? Today, I will share the knowledge of couple's sex life with you, hoping to help you.

1. Sexual Knowledge of Couples: Women

1. A woman can have multiple orgasms

Although it is more difficult for women to enter the state and reach orgasm, women can continue to orgasm continuously. The report shows that women can reach orgasm up to 134 times in an hour, while men only have 16 times.

2. Women prefer to snap in the car

The latest survey by the American Women’s Medical Research Center shows that women prefer to use cars as intimate places. This is because the car is equivalent to a fluid bed, and has good airtightness, which can bring a stronger sense of security than the bedroom.

3. More than half of women will pretend to have an orgasm

From 1973 to the present, there have been more than one studies showing that 1/2-2/3 of the tested women have had the experience of disguising orgasm. This is a method for women to help their partners to maintain their self-esteem and self-confidence and help them reduce stress.

4. Women will be more ovulatory

When a woman reaches ovulation, not only will the tone of her voice become high, but she will also have the idea of ​​intimacy in terms of love. Physiologically speaking, this is the instinct of natural females to attract male attention.

5. Intimacy can make women more sexy

Estrogen is the source of a woman’s youthfulness, which can keep the water in her genitals and make sex work better, and when a woman is babbling, estrogen will be secreted twice, which will make her hair brighter and make her The skin is softer and more sexy.

6. Farewell after the end will affect feelings

Immediately after the intimacy, the separation from the woman will give them a feeling of "permanent separation", which makes people feel extremely depressed. Saying "goodbye" after intimacy will affect their feelings.

7. Taking birth control pills to reduce a woman's libido

More and more studies have shown that contraceptives inhibiting ovulation and causing hormonal changes actually weaken the sexual desire of some women. May wish to switch to other methods of contraception.

8, sex can make menstruation regular

Appropriate amount of popping can bring many benefits to women. Women living at least once a week can make menstruation regular, and it can also delay women's aging and maintain youth.

9. Women like to be kissed on the neck

Compared to lips, chest, etc., women are more hopeful and prefer to be kissed on the neck, and the proportion is as high as nearly 96%.

2. Marital sex education knowledge: male articles

1. Longer and thicker than hard

The length, thickness and twitch time of ordinary male reproductive organs can form sufficient stimulation for women. On the contrary, too thick and too long will cause discomfort. In contrast, the rigidity of male genitals will be more important, which directly It is related to the frictional stimulation of the sensitive points of the woman.

2. Usually the time of snapping is about 10 minutes

The plot in the movie is more exaggerated. Usually, good housekeeping time is 13 minutes, more than 20 minutes will make people feel tired, and less than 5 minutes is too sloppy.

3. Controlled breathing can be extended

If you want a longer time, you must learn to control your body and reduce the excitement. You can prolong the time by controlling your breathing.

4. "He" will fracture

Although there is no bone in the male genitals, it is still possible to break, so-called penile rupture. He may be suddenly injured or bent in an erection state, which may cause the fiber protective layer surrounding the sponge body to break. And these situations often occur during hormone collisions. It should be reminded that if this happens, do not expect to be solved with plaster or crutches like leg fractures. It is necessary for surgery.

5. The amount of ejaculation at a time is only one teaspoon

Most men's ejaculation volume is roughly half a teaspoon. If there is no time for a while, or there is no orgasm, it may be more.

6. The sooner you fall asleep, the better

French researchers in sex medicine say that men’s cerebral cortex and neuromuscles are in a state of high, short excitement during orgasm, and then they will quickly decline as the excitement dissipates. The faster it comes, the stronger the man's ability to repair the body. Therefore, after the crack, the faster the man falls asleep, the better his physical condition will become.

7. The faster the beard grows, the stronger the demand

Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that the faster a man’s beard grows, the better the body’s metabolic function, and therefore, the stronger the need for slap.

8. "Tools" will not degenerate

Sexual ability is also a technique. It can stimulate more love hormones, enhance sexual desire, and exercise sexual ability. If men no longer have sex, the size of the genitals will also be shortened. Of course, the "more" here should also be reasonably reasonable.

9. Testes are not exactly the same

One testicle of a male is sagging a little bit more than the other, which can ensure that the two testicles will not collide when the male is walking.

10. Men and women may have different sizes

This is for both parties. The love of both parties does not necessarily mean that the size of the reproductive organs is appropriate. For example, if a man is very small, he needs some help tools, and hopefully he is a flirt master.

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