Friday, July 3, 2020

Many mothers regretted that these parts were not protected during pregnancy

We often have the wrong understanding that all actions that pregnant women do not want to do are to protect the stomach so that they will not hurt the body or the baby. In fact, it is not only the stomach, but also other parts of the body that should be protected during pregnancy, otherwise the body will suffer a lot of crimes without mentioning the injury.


A friend next to me did not protect his teeth during pregnancy, and his wisdom teeth became inflamed, which severely affected his appetite. Coupled with early morning sickness, resulting in nutritional supplements in a timely manner, people seem to have no energy. During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are tortured by oral diseases, which makes it difficult to swallow food, want to go to the hospital to deal with teeth, and worry about affecting the baby. Finally, it is very painful to sleep and eat. During pregnancy, we must pay attention to the protection of teeth. Although we should eat less and eat more meals during pregnancy, we must pay attention to cleaning our teeth after eating. Try not to eat foods that affect your teeth, especially avoid eating unhealthy snacks. Expectant mothers will suffer if they have problems with their teeth during pregnancy.


The skin of pregnant mothers is more likely to deteriorate due to physiological factors. Some people advocate that pregnant mothers should not use any skin care products. This statement is incorrect. Pregnant mothers should use mild, non-irritating and safe skin care products to protect their skin condition, and they will not be significantly older after giving birth. There are many women who did not do facial care during pregnancy, which caused many spots on the face quickly, which affected the appearance. In the end, they had to spend money to lighten the spots with technical means, and suffered many crimes in vain. Therefore, the key to protecting the skin during pregnancy is to apply appropriate skin care products.


Some mothers report that they often feel back pain after giving birth. Less than 2 months after giving birth, I was unable to get out of bed, and it was difficult to walk even if I barely walked. This is mostly because during pregnancy, without proper protection measures, the burden of the fetus gradually increasing the waist is also increasing, plus physical reasons, and not paying attention to taking a good rest after delivery, will often feel back pain. Now that mother regrets so much that she didn't take any protective measures during pregnancy before she suffered so many sins. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers use abdominal support to reduce the pressure on the waist in the later stage of the stomach enlargement to avoid damage to the waist.

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