Sunday, July 5, 2020

Long-term infertility, women don't always blame themselves, look for the reason on her husband

Under normal circumstances, women are very active in pregnancy, and they check the body before pregnancy and adjust the body, while men do not seem to care. Don't do pre-pregnancy examination, let alone conditioning, let's quit smoking and drinking at most, and stay up at night as usual. Moreover, masculinity is prevailing now. Many men think that pregnancy is a woman’s business, so infertility must also be a woman’s problem. If you dare to urge him to check, it is to question his ability. damage.

In fact, pregnancy preparation is a matter for both parties. If you really love your wife and at the same time, for the sake of future babies, in the case of long-term infertility, men still take the initiative to check the body, so as not to stress the wife, which will affect pregnancy. probability. Moreover, male infertility is now more and more common.

In fact, male infertility is mainly caused by the sperm quality is not close. If the woman passes the examination during pregnancy, then the man needs to cooperate to do the following examination:

Analysis of sperm quality

This is mainly to detect male sperm activity and deformity rate, test sperm quality. Among them, oligospermia, non-liquefaction of sperm, and low sperm activity are the main manifestations of poor male sperm quality.

Check if the prostate is inflamed

Prostate examination is mainly to check for prostatitis. If the prostate is inflamed, the white blood cells in the prostate fluid will increase, and the purulent cells will also increase, which will affect the quality of sperm.

Check testicular function

If the cause of infertility is due to infertility and oligospermia, then a testicular biopsy is necessary. This test can directly measure sperm function and related interstitial cell development.

Chromosome analysis

If it is azoospermia but none of the above tests can find the cause, chromosome analysis is required. Generally, if the chromosome is abnormal, the probability of sperm deformity is very high.

If it is only detected that the sperm has poor vitality, then on the one hand, men should work regularly and exercise more, do not wear tight jeans, and do not put mobile phones and other radiant objects in their trouser pockets. After the body is maintained for a period of time, it can improve sperm motility.

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