Friday, July 3, 2020

Just simply "4 look", you can know if the child is sick

Look at the child's mental state

Parents stay with their children every day. They should understand the children's daily activities and mental state. If one day the child suddenly becomes sluggish, too lazy to move, his eyes are blind, and his spirit is particularly bad. At a certain time, the children used to be very active in interacting with their parents. They were alive and kicking, but now they suddenly ignore their parents. This all shows that the child is uncomfortable. At this time, parents should see if the child is getting angry or having a fever, and treat the disease in time.

Look at the child's appetite

This is also a significant sign that can best reflect the health of the child. How much a child eats is generally very regular. But the child's appetite suddenly became particularly bad. Even if he cooked the food he loved, he didn't want to eat anything. If it is a child who is still breastfeeding, when the appetite is not good, the mother is breastfeeding and he still vomits. This means that the child is sick.

See your child's sleep

As long as children eat well, they are in good health and sleep quality is relatively good. If the child suddenly becomes crying and hard to fall asleep, even if he falls asleep, he will wake up inexplicably and his temper will become more irritable. This is a sign that the child is uncomfortable. The mother can't carelessly.

Look at the child's tongue

The tongue of the child is also a barometer of good health. The tongue of a healthy child should be light red and white, with a thin tongue. If the child's tongue coating suddenly turns yellow-white and sticky and thick, with an unpleasant odor in his mouth, this may indicate that the child may have accumulated food.

When taking care of children, mothers should be attentive, timely detect the child's sickness signals, take timely measures, and take appropriate medicine. At the same time, the mother should also master some basic medical knowledge and be able to deal with the simple condition of the child. But don't use medication blindly. If you are seriously ill, you must seek the help of a doctor.

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