Friday, July 3, 2020

It turns out that at this time, the baby can already understand the adult

Now let us understand how the baby grows up

0-3 months

At this stage, the baby has come into contact with the outside world. After ten months of breathing with the mother, the baby is familiar with the tone and breathing frequency of the mother. They understand and read the mother from these seemingly tiny details.

Smart babies will express their emotions by crying, making faces, etc. When crying, cry! Hungry, cry! Urine, cry! They couldn’t stop crying because they knew that as long as they cried loudly, their mother would come to take care of herself. Who made us a baby?

And the babies at the stage are very sensitive to the sound. They like the voice of the mother talking, and they like sweet music. When the mother's voice is heard, the baby will turn his little head around, and his eyes will drip around his face. Dribbling around. Some babies will also give a sweet smile in response to their mother's call, and even make a "giggling" sound to make her happy. They use this method to communicate with their mother.

4-7 months

At this time, the baby already knows his name. When the baby hears her mother say her name, she will react to it because her mother is talking to herself. Although the baby doesn’t know much about what the mother is saying, they know whether the mother is happy or angry. When the mother is happy, the baby will wave and laugh; if the mother is not happy, the baby will make faces, or even cry, which is really a Little clever ghost!

8-12 months

At this time, the baby can already understand some simple words and expressions. For example, in life, the baby will throw his small bowl to the ground while eating, at this time, you will tell him very seriously: "No"! The baby will stop to see you, and will repeat this action over and over again. In fact, this is just that the baby is enriching his vocabulary memory according to your reaction, so as to better communicate with you in the future.

13-18 months

The baby is more than a year old, they can understand some simple sentences, and will say a few short words by themselves. Moreover, at this time, the baby is also a person with life experience. They understand the names of things in daily life, such as: stools, cars, clothes, etc.. At this stage, the baby often repeats what the mother said like a repeater. The last two words of the words, the voice is cute and cute!

19-24 months

Babies between one and a half to two years old already understand the concept of simple things. They will know whether the toy is round or square, and they will build the building blocks into different shapes. The most important thing is that they know that the toy is " Mine, that toy is some abstract self-conscious concept like "his". Therefore, it is not stingy for children to "protect" at this time, we are just showing off the abstract knowledge we have learned, great!

The two-year-old baby already has a very good understanding ability. At this stage, the baby's vocabulary will explode, and some simple sentences will be spoken. In addition, the baby will observe the behavior of the adults, and then imitate, often say some "adult words", and make some "adult personnel", this stage is the key stage for the baby to distinguish right from wrong, so when the parents are responsible, Be sure to pay attention to your words and deeds and play the role of hero in your baby's heart.

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