Thursday, July 2, 2020

Is ovarian decline related to age? These are the "blame"

Do not pay attention to maintenance, bad habits

Many young women do not have the awareness of ovarian maintenance, and even take youth as capital, often stay up late to work overtime, hungry for a full meal, and always eat fast food. This kind of lifestyle is very bad, not only will it make people age faster, it will also affect ovarian health. A friend of mine, working very hard, often stay up late to work overtime until two or three in the morning. We all said that her girl shouldn't fight too hard. She said, "I'm still young, as long as I gave birth to my child before the age of 35." However, some time ago, she went to the hospital for examination because of menstrual delays, and the doctor also told her that her ovaries were premature. Therefore, regardless of age, women should pay attention to body care, eat more foods that are good for the ovaries, try not to stay up late, and develop good habits.

High pressure, suffered major mental shock

A netizen said: "I broke up with my boyfriend some time ago because he was cheating and he often violently abused me with me. With him, I have a lot of mental stress and feel trance every day. Last week my stomach was uncomfortable and my menstruation was delayed After more than a week, I thought I was pregnant. When I went to the hospital for an examination, the doctor said that my ovarian function was declining, and it was still irreversible. I must take medicine to promote menstrual cramps. The doctor also said that I might not be pregnant in the future." The experience of netizens is very sympathetic, because after talking about a failed relationship and encountering a scumbag, it caused a major blow to the spirit and also lost my fertility. Therefore, it is recommended that women always pay attention to stay in a cheerful mood and want to be open in all things, and don't put too much pressure on themselves, especially to learn to protect themselves in work and emotion.

When I was young, I had mumps and damaged my ovaries

Now children are vaccinated after birth, so they are immune to many diseases. However, in the past, medicine was not so developed. Many children will get a disease called "big mouth" when they are young, that is, the left or right face is close to the ear roots with fever and swelling, and then a patch is applied during treatment. The professional name of this disease is called "mumps". If you have a child, the boy may be prone to orchitis, which has a certain impact on fertility; while the girl may have ovarian inflammation, which destroys ovarian function, but generally does not affect pregnancy. Degree. However, women who have had this disease will have some damage to the ovaries, so usually pay attention to ovarian maintenance.

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