Thursday, July 2, 2020

Is male baby's due date earlier than female baby? Not superstitious, obstetricians and gynecologists say so!

Recently I heard a saying that boys are always born earlier than the expected date, and girls are always born a little later than the expected date. I don’t think the experience passed down by the grandma is what I thought. Today, I just talked about this with my girlfriend who is working in obstetrics and gynecology, and found out that there is indeed a scientific basis. So, although the advice given by the elders cannot be fully listened to, it is necessary to extract the correct suggestions rationally.

Every time we are approaching the expected date of delivery, expectant mothers will become restless, and they will also have feelings of fear. These are not negative emotions. For this period of expectant mothers, this is normal and should have some emotions because of the concerns. More, afraid of being ahead of schedule or behind, I spend some time every day worrying about this.

In fact, it is not realistic to completely eliminate this emotion, but expectant mothers still try to adjust their mentality and calm down a bit. Naturally, according to the above statement, you can do more checks before and after the due date to be prepared, and you can also appropriately eliminate the heart. Fear and restlessness.

During this period, male friends should also pay attention to the changes in their wife’s emotions. To put it bluntly is to unconditionally make her coax her happy, give her the best companionship, and eliminate her fears and anxieties. Having a baby is not as easy as you think.

Many people will have questions, what is the reason for this phenomenon? Come listen to how the obstetrician and obstetrician explain

1. Different hormone levels in men and women

The development speed of male treasure in the uterus is usually faster than that of female babies, and according to research, the birth cycle of male treasure is usually shorter than that of female treasure at the same weight, so this is why most Male treasure will be born before the expected date.

2. Fetal position exercise

It is not unreasonable to say that boys are more active and more naughty than girls. Baby boys in the stomach prefer to communicate with their mothers using body language. They are full of curiosity about the outside world and can’t wait to come out, so the amount of activity is greater than that of girls. , May cause early birth.

However, this phenomenon must not be used as a basis for judging whether the belly is a male treasure or a female treasure. The gender of the child has been determined as early as the stomach, and the statement that early births and late births are not entirely applicable to expectant mothers After all, there are too many disturbing factors, and the inaccurate calculation of the expected date of delivery will also lead to this phenomenon of early births and late births. Expectant mothers still have to go to the hospital regularly for inspections, so that they are prepared.

Secondly, adjust your own mentality, treat children's gender issues correctly, don't disturb anxiety because of this, but affect the health of yourself and your baby. After all, having a healthy and cute baby is the most important. What is the difference between boys and girls?

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