Sunday, July 5, 2020

Is it more than thirty-five years old to be called an advanced mother?

It is common sense that a woman over 35 years old is an old woman, as long as she has children. Even those who have never had children but are married, even those who are not married, know. Because the people around you always have to use this age to suppress people when they are urging marriage. I felt very at ease and felt that I was still far from being a "senior mother".

But I want to say that in fact, for children to be born, they can’t just look at their ages. Some women may meet the conditions for older women before they reach 30.

Why is this so, listen to me for reasons.

Definition of older women

First look at the definition of older women. Scientists have found that women's ovarian function will decline with age. Among them, after thirty-five years of age, the function will obviously deteriorate, so the quality of the eggs produced will also decline significantly. The odds of chromosome abnormality in the egg are increased, not only is it not easy to conceive, but even if conceived, the rate of fetal miscarriage, premature delivery and deformity is also significantly increased. Therefore, the 35-year-old is defined as an advanced maternal woman, which is intended to remind people that they should not exceed this age for eugenics. It can be seen that the definition of "old women" is based on ovarian function and egg quality.

Why can't you be older than 35

Since the ovarian function and egg quality are used to define whether it is a maternal age, then because of the difference in individual physical fitness, the bad ovaries are basically in line with the characteristics of the maternal age.

As the pressure in modern society increases, more and more women often work overtime, stay up late, have high mental stress, stay sedentary or even eat bad food, and often buy some fast food to pass. In the long run, the physical quality gradually declines, ovarian function becomes worse, and some even have premature ovarian failure. Such women are difficult to conceive and have a low probability of having a healthy fetus, which is almost the same as that of elderly women.

It is not alarmist to become an elderly woman in less than thirty. A woman in a foreign-funded company, 28 years old, because she often works overtime, has poor work schedules and heavy work pressure, and does not eat on time every day, she has stopped menstruation early. When you go to the hospital for examination, her ovaries already show signs of premature aging. This is an example of a body that is less than thirty years old and is not suitable for giving birth to a child.

Here I remind the majority of women that they must cherish their bodies, even if it is not for the purpose of having children only for their own health, but also to eat well and work regularly.

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