Thursday, July 2, 2020

Is the caesarean section cut vertically or horizontally?

There are two types of cesarean section: one is a transverse incision, usually in the pubic bone and the upper two fingers, cutting a 12-13 cm blade. One is a vertical incision, with the midline between the lower abdomen and the pubic bone offset a little, and a slit of about 12 cm is cut longitudinally. From the position of these two blades, I think most pregnant mothers want to choose a horizontal incision? Because the transverse incision is lower, it will not be easy to see if it is better in the future. However, when you really want to choose a caesarean section, don’t just patronize the beauty, or listen to what the doctor says.

Cross-cut beautiful recovery

My friend had a caesarean section and asked the doctor which kind of incision was the least obvious. At that time, the doctor told her that the cross-cut blade must be beautiful and recoverable. Because the arc of the horizontal incision is consistent with the skin texture, it looks more beautiful. Moreover, it is not easy to pull the wound after getting up and lying down, the pain is lighter, and the wound is easier to recover. The position of the crosscut is low, there is a little scar, and the waist of the trousers will not be visible once it is covered. In the future, you can wear a bikini. Therefore, for the sake of beauty, most pregnant mothers will choose to use a cross-cutting knife during cesarean section. However, the bad thing is that the transverse incision surgery is relatively long, and the requirements for anesthesia are also high. It is more suitable for pregnant mothers who make appointments in advance. Moreover, the adhesion of each layer of the transverse incision is more serious than that of the vertical incision, and the operation of the second child is more difficult than the vertical incision.

Vertical cut is more conducive to second child

Contrary to horizontal incisions, vertical incisions are unsightly and difficult to recover, and the surgical port activities are likely to involve the wound and the pain is stronger. However, there is a lower chance of adhesion of the abdominal wall tissue of the vertical incision. If you want to have a second or multiple pregnancy, it is better to choose the vertical incision. In addition, because the vertical incision is shorter than the horizontal incision, the operation time is shorter, so it is very suitable for pregnant women who have emergency situations. For example, if the fetus has severe fetal heart abnormality, preoperative umbilical cord prolapse, etc., it is best to choose a vertical incision.

People who are too fat are not suitable for vertical cutting

For those fat pregnant mothers, doctors usually also recommend the use of transverse incisions. Because people who are too fat have thicker abdominal walls, the incidence of transverse incisions is lower than that of vertical incisions, the wounds heal faster, and the occurrence of fat liquefaction is much less. Therefore, even if a pregnant mother who is too fat wants to have two or more births, it is not suitable for a caesarean section with a vertical incision.

Therefore, whether a caesarean section is a good cross-cut or a vertical cut, pregnant mothers should not patronize the beauty, and listen to the doctor's advice. The doctor will arrange the most suitable incision for you according to your own situation.

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