Friday, July 3, 2020

In these three situations during breastfeeding, the milk should be emptied.

How do you mothers usually breastfeed? Did you empty the milk after feeding? Should we empty the milk? If it is not emptied, will it cause breast blockage? Don’t doubt, mom, let’s take a look at the breast milk!

1. How did the milk come from? What are the benefits?

Breast milk is the most important food in infancy. 50% of breast milk is fat, and the rest contains lactoferrin, carbohydrate, protein and other ingredients. The fatty acids and taurine contained in breast milk are very important for the development of the baby’s brain. The content can make the child grow tall and strong, in addition, intimate contact with breastfeeding can stimulate the baby's heart and brain development.

All in all, breast milk is very good for babies!

2. When should I empty my milk?

1. When the milk is not enough for the baby to eat, empty it.

Moms who choose breastfeeding, if your milk is not enough for children every time, then, when there is no milk, the mother can choose to squeeze the milk out by hand or expel the milk through the breast pump. Because the mother’s milk is designed for the baby, when the breast feels that the milk will be drained every time, it will increase the milk production for the baby to eat. So when the mother finds that the milk is not enough for the child to eat, she can choose the method of emptying to stimulate milk production.

2. When you want to wean early in a short period of time, empty it.

When the mother wants to wean the baby, she will definitely not let the child suck up the milk, then the milk still secreted at this time will not be absorbed by the child, it will accumulate inside the breast, causing the mother's breast to swell due to too much milk Pain, this time you need to suck the milk out manually or with the aid of a breast pump to relieve the mother's pain.

3. When your mother has milk accumulation, she should empty it.

Sometimes, the mother's breasts will have milk accumulation for various reasons, and the milk can't come out, and the child can't suck it out. At this time, the mother needs to shoot the accumulated milk, so that the baby can eat milk more smoothly However, it should be noted that the silted milk cannot be discharged with a breast pump to prevent injuries caused by excessive force.

3. Since sometimes it is necessary to evacuate, can mothers evacuate frequently to prevent siltation?

No! The reasons are as follows:

1. Excessive milk secretion

As mentioned above, if the breast feels that the milk is empty every time, it will produce more milk, so if the milk is blindly discharged when the milk is sufficient, the breast will be stimulated to produce more milk, In the end, the baby can't finish drinking it will cause unnecessary loss of body nutrients;

2. It is easy to cause milk accumulation

According to the baby's needs, the breast will secrete milk. If the mother is still emptying after the baby is full, it will cause excessive milk secretion. Excessive milk secretion is likely to disrupt the balance of supply and demand and cause milk accumulation.

3. It is easy to cause mastitis and other diseases

Milk is rich in nutrients. If it is not handled cleanly, it is easy to breed bacteria. Mothers or manually using a breast pump can not completely guarantee the emptying of milk. Once the remaining milk accumulates, it will breed a lot of bacteria and cause breasts. Inflammation and other diseases.

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