Saturday, July 4, 2020

In order to make the baby's eyelashes grow black in the future, pregnant mothers should eat these 5 foods more

Although the length of eyelashes is related to heredity, there are relative traits in heredity, that is to say, different factors will produce different results under the influence of various factors. Therefore, as long as pregnant mothers eat more food that can make the baby's eyelashes longer during pregnancy, it is possible to have dense long eyelashes after the baby is born. So, what are these types of food?

1. Iron-containing food

Iron can affect the development and growth of hair cells. Eat more iron-containing foods during pregnancy. After the child is born, the eyelashes will grow long and beautiful. Generally, lean meat and animal liver are rich in iron.

2. Foods rich in vitamin BC

Expectant mothers can eat more foods containing vitamin B, such as milk, eggs, walnuts, sesame, and green vegetables. These foods can improve the child's hair quality and hair growth will be better. Sun Li once shared on the Internet that she often eats some sesame and walnut powder during pregnancy, and Xiaohua's sister's hair becomes dense and long. Vitamin C can promote nerve function, draw eyelashes to stimulate nerves, and benefit the growth of eyelashes.

3. Supplementing protein is important

The main body of the hair is a keratinized protein, so daily intake of sufficient protein is very good for hair growth. Because if the baby does not take in enough protein, the hair will be dry, lack of luster, thin and easy to fall off. Therefore, foods such as protein must be supplemented. Expectant mothers can eat some of these foods such as fish, eggs, meat, etc. Some vegetable proteins, such as corn, are also very good protein supplements. Eating corn during pregnancy can not only make the expectant mother more balanced in nutrition, but also make the fetus treasure have beautiful, beautiful, long and dark eyelashes after birth.

4. Food containing iodine

Iodine is also an indispensable element of the body's operation. In the early stages of pregnancy, in addition to the use of iodized salt, pregnant mothers must regularly eat seafood in order to meet their own nutritional needs.

5. Foods containing DHA

The most representative of this type of food is fish. Fish is rich in DNA, which can effectively promote the development and maturation of retinal photoreceptor cells. Although eating fish during pregnancy has little effect on the child's long eyelashes, it is very helpful for the development of fetal vision. After all, long eyelashes can only look better with bright eyes. The most important thing is that DHA is known as brain gold, which is very good for the intellectual development of children.

In this era of value and justice, having a good-looking face is like a business card, which can make others more interested in meeting you. The most important thing about a beautiful face is to have a pair of beautiful eyes. Therefore, if you want your baby to be more attractive and cute, you need to pay more attention to them. You can eat more of these types of food during pregnancy to promote your baby's eyelash growth!

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