Thursday, July 2, 2020

In addition to silver bracelets, don’t wear these babies at will

1. Easy to scratch the skin

You know, the baby's skin is very delicate, and the clothes must be soft and pure cotton. What will happen to him with metal jewelry, I believe everyone can imagine. I'm an adult, but I don't like wearing jewelry from childhood, and I always feel panicked or cumbersome. Especially when sleeping, as I turn myself over and over, the necklace will squeeze my neck in all directions and at various angles.

Moreover, the workmanship of some jewelry is not very delicate, especially the interface, the polished is not so smooth, it is easy to scratch the baby's delicate skin, resulting in skin inflammation. The baby's resistance is weak, and the consequences of skin inflammation can be large or small.

2. Cause skin irritation

With the increasing attention of human beings to health, now everyone should have heard a word-heavy metal poisoning. Of course, pure gold jewelry will not be harmful, but who can guarantee that the jewelry bought for the baby is pure gold? Whether it is pure gold is not just listening to the seller's statement. And generally impure gold and silver jewelry will add some radioactive metals, such as: nickel, chromium and so on.

Not to mention babies, adults who have been exposed to these metals for a long time will feel uncomfortable. And now it is clinically like this kind of contact dermatitis caused by wearing gold and silver jewelry for infants. And these radioactive metals will bring another kind of disease called "radio jewelry disease", which will seriously affect the malignant transformation of the reproductive organs!

3. The danger of swallowing

I believe that many people who come into contact with the baby will find that their biggest feature is to put their curious or fun things into their mouths to suck. Because of this characteristic, some people swallowed marbles when they were young, some had eaten soap, and the most terrible thing was that some children had swallowed nails, and it was a miracle to survive. In order to attract the baby's favorite, a lot of jewelry for the baby will have bells.

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