Thursday, July 2, 2020

If you want to have long babies but not meat, pregnant mothers should have different "techniques" at different stages

For pregnant mothers, in addition to all kinds of joy after pregnancy, the most worrying thing may be their weight and fetal health. After all, mothers all have this kind of mentality, they want to maintain their figure, but also want to ensure that the baby has absorbed enough nutrition. To put it simply, I hope that I can achieve long pregnancy and no flesh during pregnancy.

It is not impossible to achieve long births and no flesh during pregnancy. For pregnant mothers, to achieve this effect, there are different requirements throughout the different stages of pregnancy. If you don't want to turn all the food you eat into flesh and grow on yourself, you must learn these "tricks".

From 1 to 3 months of pregnancy, the diet is mainly light

The first trimester, which is the first 3 months after pregnancy, is still very small for pregnant mothers at this time. This is not the time to make up, and the diet of the pregnant mother does not need to change much in quantity at all. Some pregnant mothers learned that they were pregnant the day before, and they felt obviously hungry the next day. In fact, these are the psychological hints that pregnant mothers give themselves. Know that the fetus is still very small at this time, and they need nutrition It is minimal.

Some pregnant mothers responded that they just became pregnant because of morning sickness and could not eat anything. Not only did their weight not increase, but they also dropped a lot. The biggest concern of these pregnant mothers is whether the fetus needs no more nutrients for development at this time. In fact, it will not, pregnant mothers can rest assured. During this period, the dietary "techniques" that pregnant mothers need to pay attention to are mainly light, and eating three meals a day on time will not affect the development of the fetus.

4 to 6 months of pregnancy, eat less and eat more meals

During the second trimester, many pregnant mothers' morning sickness reactions have disappeared. At this time, the pregnant mother's appetite is good, and there will inevitably be situations where she can't control her mouth. However, pregnant mothers must remember that the pregnant mother’s diet during this period should pay attention to this "trick", that is, eat less and eat more meals, taboo overeating, or in the name of a baby, unscrupulously eating and drinking.

During this period, pregnant mothers want to keep their body shape and achieve long births without meat growth. Another thing to do is to focus on supplementing some high-calcium foods, and some eggs, beans and nuts should be appropriate. Eat more. In this way, the development of the fetus will be better, and the weight of the pregnant mother will not grow too much.

7 to 10 months of pregnancy, some fruits and foods with high sugar content should be avoided

This is also very important for pregnant mothers. Some pregnant mothers will particularly like to eat sweets in the third trimester. This must be noted that too much sugar in the third trimester will not only increase the weight of the pregnant mother. , And even make pregnant mothers suffer from gestational diabetes, which is very detrimental to the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Under normal circumstances, by the third trimester, especially after 37 weeks, the fetus's development is basically sound. After that, the most important thing for the fetus to grow is its weight. But we also know that if the fetal weight increases too much in the later period, it will be more difficult to give birth. Therefore, the third trimester, pregnant mothers must avoid taboos.

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