Saturday, July 4, 2020

If you want to give birth to a good quality baby, these two nutrients should be supplemented before pregnancy

The woman is older and the man's work is often sitting in front of the computer. It is necessary to improve the quality of sperm and eggs when preparing for pregnancy. Only in this way can eugenics and eugenics be achieved. Sperm is afraid of high temperature and restraint. If you do not sit for a long time, the vitality of sperm will decrease. The quality of eggs declines with the age of women, which is why it is difficult for older women to prepare for pregnancy. Even if they are pregnant, the rate of fetal malformations will increase. Therefore, when elderly women are preparing for pregnancy, couples with two nutrients have to make up during pregnancy.

Men supplement lycopene to improve sperm quality and vitality

The combination of high-quality sperm and eggs will form high-quality fertilized eggs, which is the basis of eugenics. Nowadays, with the increasing pressure of life, men have irregular work schedules and lack of exercise, and their sperm quality is already low. Women over thirty-five years old want to conceive, not only to strive to improve the quality of their eggs, but also to maintain the best quality of her husband's sperm, so as to give birth to high-quality babies.

Lycopene can play a health role in the male prostate, can eliminate harmful chemical free radicals that cause male infertility, and improve sperm vitality.

Lycopene cannot be synthesized by the human body and can only be obtained from food. Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, which can be bought and fried frequently. You can also buy lycopene tablets in specialty stores.

Vitamin E is equal to men and women, and sperm and egg quality are both improved

Vitamin E can promote the secretion of human sex hormones, which is beneficial to human reproductive function. For men, it can promote sperm production and improve sperm motility; for women, it can increase estrogen content, enhance ovarian function, and prevent miscarriage. Therefore, vitamin E supplementation for men and women can improve both sperm and egg quality.

Foods rich in vitamin E include vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, eggs, and so on. Among them, wheat germ is the most abundant. Of course, there are also vitamin E tablets, and 100-200 mg a day is enough.

For eugenics and eugenics, in addition to supplementing these two nutrients during pregnancy, you should also pay attention to adjusting your work schedule, try not to stay up late and sleep late, eat a rich diet, and exercise regularly, these can play a role in conditioning the body. Only when the state of the father and mother are at their best, can the fetus be at its best, so that eugenics can be eugenic.

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