Friday, July 3, 2020

If you don’t eat this meal after pregnancy

After pregnancy, in order to make the fetus develop better, many pregnant mothers pay special attention to nutritional supplements, which also leads to an appetite and can eat several meals a day. I knew a pregnant mother before, and I quit my job to give birth at home after I was pregnant. Although I was fine at home all day, I became particularly edible. Especially at night, if you don’t eat a supper, you feel like you can’t sleep. Therefore, since the symptoms of morning sickness in the three months before the past, the weight has risen. When I went to the obstetric examination, the doctor said that the fetus grew too fast, and if I didn't pay attention, it was easy to grow into a huge child, and I would suffer more when I gave birth. After going back, the pregnant mother adjusted her diet structure and quit supper. Therefore, the supper after supper can not be eaten if it is eaten. If you become addicted, you will find yourself in trouble.

What harm does pregnant mother often eat supper? Pregnant mothers should keep in mind:

First of all, eating supper often will make pregnant mothers gain weight

After 10 o'clock in the evening, people's gastrointestinal tract and various functions begin to decline. At this time, pregnant mothers eat more food, which increases gastrointestinal burden. Excess fat calories are stored in the pregnant mother's body. It will be more difficult to lose weight after giving birth.

Furthermore, increase the difficulty of childbirth

In fact, the pregnant mother and the fetus do not need so much nutrition at all. The pregnant mother eats too much at night, which will cause excess nutrition. It is easy for the fetus to grow into a huge child, increasing the difficulty and risk of delivery. The pregnant mother will give birth Suffer a lot of sins. More importantly, pregnant mothers eat so much in the middle of the night. After eating midnight snacks, the stomach is too full. It is difficult to fall asleep at once, and even if you sleep, you can't sleep well, which also affects the development of the fetus. Therefore, it is best not to eat this supper in the evening.

There are basically two ways to prevent eating supper at night; eat more during the day and go to bed early at night.

The diet of pregnant mothers must pay attention to these: regular diet, you can eat less and eat more meals, do not eat any more after 10 pm. If you are really hungry, you can eat low-fat, easily digestible food.

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