Wednesday, July 1, 2020

If these two symptoms disappear in the third trimester, it is a sign that the fetus is about to give birth

When the expectant mother reaches the third trimester, if these two symptoms disappear, it may be a sign that the fetus is about to give birth. It is very important for mothers to understand clearly and know what they have in mind.

Symptom one: I always feel full, and I always lose my appetite

Like my girlfriends, I always felt hungry and had no appetite, but suddenly my appetite improved and I ate more. In other words, the feeling of fullness disappears, and the symptoms of lack of appetite also disappear, which is probably a sign that the fetus is about to be born. This is because, with the development of the fetus in the second trimester, the longer the baby is, the more it will press on the mother’s internal organs and stomach. This will give the mother a feeling of fullness, and sometimes she is very hungry but sees it delicious. He also has no appetite.

When this symptom disappears, it means that the fetal baby has successfully entered the pelvis, and the fetal head has entered the mother's pelvic cavity, so that the mothers' stomachs will no longer be squeezed by the fetus, and the natural feeling of fullness will be Disappears, and the expectant mother's appetite will increase greatly. This is actually not far from the day of fetal delivery, so when the expectant mother finds that this symptom disappears on her body, she should be aware of it and be ready for the delivery package, because you may give birth at any time.

Symptom 2: Always feel hypoxia and have difficulty breathing

Starting from pregnancy, expectant mothers may have symptoms of breathlessness, but this feeling is not obvious when they are pregnant, but as the baby grows longer, the more space they occupy in the mother’s belly The bigger the future, the position of the internal organs of the expectant mother's belly will also be occupied by the expanding uterus. The more space the uterus is, the fetal baby, the more uncomfortable the body of the expectant mother will be, and one of them is breathing.

Expectant mothers may feel hypoxic or have trouble breathing, which is probably the reason. This feeling is also very obvious in the second trimester. Some expectant mothers' breathing starts to become tight, and their speech becomes short of breath. After a few words, they feel very tired and breathless. However, if one day, these feelings of the expectant mother have disappeared, but there is no pressure to breathe, no pressure to speak, and all aspects feel very smooth, indicating that the fetal baby has entered the pelvic cavity of the expectant mother at this time, and this Then the fetus is not far from birth.

In the third trimester, when the expectant mother finds that these two symptoms have disappeared, don’t always think about being comfortable with yourself. It is also important to prepare the supplies for delivery, because these symptoms disappear, which is a sign that the fetus is about to deliver. You and your family must be aware of it.

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