Thursday, July 2, 2020

If these kinds of sequelae of caesarean section are missed, it means the body has recovered

Now, more and more pregnant mothers choose cesarean section. However, the caesarean section was comfortable at the time, and I was afraid that there would be many sequelae of later pain. Of course, if Mom pays attention to nursing after cesarean section, she can recover very well. Therefore, if these kinds of sequelae of Caesarean section are not successful, it means that the body is recovering.

Stomach pain often

At this point, there should be a lot of treasure moms who have caesarean section, right? I have this symptom, and now it has been more than two years since the laparotomy was performed, and my stomach is always uncomfortable. Especially when you do some hard work or stand for a long time, your stomach will ache. It is estimated that I didn't pay attention when I was confinement. At that time, I often got up at night to coax my children and sit for most of the night. When the child is troublesome during the day, I always hold her for a long time. In fact, wounds in the stomach and uterus require careful care, as well as a period of recovery. I blame myself for not paying attention to this kind of sequelae. Now think about it. Caesarean section should not be too tiring.

Low back pain, knife pain in rainy days

After a cesarean section, many mothers should have such an experience, that is, they feel back pain and knife edge pain on a rainy day. This phenomenon can be attributed to postpartum rheumatism. If the pregnant mother does not pay attention to maintenance during confinement, such as: sweating and blowing hair, going out to cool, not washing the hair after washing in the shower, eating cold and spicy things, and sitting for a long time to cool the waist and stomach, etc., All may suffer from postpartum rheumatism.

In addition, there is another reason for the knife-edge pain besides rheumatism, which is scar hyperplasia. This needs to be treated. If it is mild pain and itching, you can use cotton swab to apply alcohol to try if it will be better. If the pain is severe, it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Doctors will use scar removal equipment and drugs to repair, and don’t be too scared. This is repaired from the inside of the scar tissue, which promotes the scar from the inside to the outside, and reduces the scar without surgery. However, Bao Ma still needs to pay attention, it is best not to leave sequelae after caesarean section to avoid sin.

There are some complications

Compared to normal delivery, cesarean section does have some complications. Some mothers are prone to uterine adhesions, intestinal adhesions, obstruction, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, etc. after childbirth, which is a more troublesome sequelae. When this happens, Baoma must not be careless, and you should go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid causing more damage to the body, and some symptoms may also lead to infertility.

Therefore, if none of these sequelae is hit, it means that Bao Ma's body is really recovering well. Those who have recently undergone a caesarean section must refer to the symptoms and pay attention to care in advance.

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