Wednesday, July 8, 2020

If the pregnant mother is of this physique, it is best not to pass the third trimester in summer!

Xiaobian also knows that when she is pregnant, especially when the month is getting older, it is really the most uncomfortable time for pregnant mothers. Sometimes she can’t sleep all night, not because she doesn’t want to sleep. It’s caused by these reasons. See if you were pregnant?

1. Frequent urination during the second trimester

Especially during the late pregnancy in summer, pregnant mothers need to drink water to replenish the water in the hot weather, but it is better during the day, and it is really painful at night. Sometimes you go to the toilet before going to bed, and then you go to sleep , In the middle of the night, you will be suffocated by urine, and then go to the bathroom dizzy. After returning to the toilet, you feel that you can't sleep, and then count the sheep or do other things, and finally fell asleep. Just fell asleep again. If you want to go to the toilet, do you feel that your flood power is about to explode? Do you want to say how you can get a good night's sleep?

Reason: Because the fetus enlarges after the third trimester, it will oppress the pregnant mother's bladder, which is different from the normal bladder. Normal urine can store more urine, but the bladder is compressed during the third trimester, so it can't store urine. To the restroom.

2. Can't sleep all night

Summer is the most annoying season for pregnant mothers, because in the third trimester, summer is not easy, the weather is hot, and the baby will not be honest. Sometimes the baby will sleep at night, and the baby will be active in the womb. If he is hot, or he needs to exercise when he wakes up, he will play in the womb, because the womb is not dark during the day, and the baby will wake up to play, so it will cause all night for the pregnant mother. did not sleep well.

3. Blowing the air conditioner keeps shouting hot

There is a kind of pregnant mother who dare not go out in summer. The air conditioner is very low. At home, she is wearing thick clothes to accommodate her. When she sleeps at night, her husband is wrapped in a quilt. She still keeps talking about heat. There are not many pregnant mothers in this system, so if you have such a physique, it is recommended that you do not go through the third trimester in summer, or do not sleep well at night.

Editor's suggestion:

(1) When you are at home during the day, you can walk around and do housework. Wait until the night to let your husband walk with you, so that you can sleep better at night;

(2) Keep the room ventilated and ventilated. If you sweat a lot, buy a few more sets of maternity clothes, which should be thin and light cotton, so you can keep it fresh;

(3) By the third trimester, if the heat can't stand, you can drink a little cold, but remember not to eat often, don't eat too much at once, too much will cause contractions;

(4) The pregnant mother takes a shower while sleeping, this will feel cool and help a good sleep;

In fact, these are some suggestions. Some pregnant mothers may not adapt, but they still need to pay attention to themselves. Don’t be about to give birth, because their own inadvertent harm to the fetus. For pregnant mothers who suffer from insomnia, the editor wants to say that there is time Just squint for a while, you can sleep properly for an hour at noon during the day, which can also help you to supplement your sleep.

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