Thursday, July 2, 2020

If the newborn is under 100 days old, hold back not to do these two things to him

After a long pregnancy and waiting, the baby was finally born. Although I have done a lot of homework in advance, there are still many novice mothers who are in a hurry and want to give their children the best, but they don’t know what to do.

In particular, some mothers listen to other people's words, pseudo-science, these awkward behaviors that have no scientific basis will cause great harm to babies, especially those under one hundred days. Help Mom here lists two of the most common and dangerous things. Bao Moms must pay attention to it, they must not do it.

First thing: cut your eyelashes

Some mothers want their babies to look more beautiful and cute, so they listen to other people's rumors to cut their eyelashes for their babies. As a result, after cutting, I found that my baby's eyelashes are almost half a month old, and they haven't grown. On the contrary, because of cutting off the soft tail, the eyes with rooted short lashes hurt, and the eyes cried all day red, causing blepharitis. It's useless to regret it.

Eyelashes look like a beautiful ornament with little use, but in fact they have great functions. Eyelashes can protect your eyes, just like a protective cover, it can prevent external dust, debris, etc. from entering your eyes. It can also block excessive light and protect your eyes from irritation.

The growth cycle of eyelashes is generally five to six months, and then it will gradually fall off to grow new ones. The length of eyelashes is generally related to genes and hormones. It does not have much effect if you cut it or not. And often cutting your baby's eyelashes will make the hard roots stick to the eyeballs, increasing the chance of keratitis, and if the hair follicles are injured while cutting, the baby will not grow new eyelashes in the future.

For babies less than a hundred days old, the position and shape of their eyelashes will change with your cut, and they will grow a lot of mixed hair and messy hair. It is recommended that you can give your child some food with high protein to promote eyelash growth when the child is older.

Second thing: feed as soon as you cry

When the baby was young, he could not express his needs in words, so he used crying to remind his mother. However, many mothers think that the baby is hungry as soon as they hear the baby crying, and they start feeding the baby. As everyone knows, this overfeeding is neither scientific nor healthy, and will cause great problems for the baby. Not eating too much will grow faster. Overfeeding will not only cause the child to be overweight, increase the workload of the child's digestive organs, indigestion, but also make the baby diarrhea, milk spill, and spit milk.

An overly obese body can also make the baby awkward, harder to move, less moving, and getting fatter. During digestion, blood and oxygen will be transferred to the intestine, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, which will increase the burden on the brain and affect the baby's intellectual development.

Moreover, the baby's cry also has multiple meanings, not only when you are hungry. Babies cry when they feel uncomfortable, or when they want to get their parents' attention. If the parents are careless and fail to distinguish different needs in time, they may make the baby cry more severely, and may even damage the baby's body.

As a novice, parents must pay attention to identify the needs of their children and make corresponding treatments for different needs. Only in this way can the baby live more comfortably and grow healthier. As we often say, I am not fat, I am strong.

For the fragile and young baby, a careless negligence of the parents or a wrong small decision will cause great damage to them. Especially it will affect their future lives, which is the result that every parent is not willing to see.

Therefore, you must treat your baby carefully and patiently and take care of their growth. Do not do things like cutting eyelashes or overfeeding, and nurture your children scientifically, and believe in the power of science.

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