Saturday, July 4, 2020

If the female body has these characteristics, it means she is good

1. Big butt

Everyone has heard this most popular saying. But this sentence is not all right. Because, to be precise, a woman with a big buttocks is better born and should have a big pelvis. A big butt does not necessarily have to be a big pelvis, it may be because there is too much fat. Why is it so easy to grow up when the pelvis is big? When pregnant mothers are giving birth, the fetus will be delivered through the pelvic bones of the pregnant mother, so the larger the pelvic bones of the pregnant mothers, the lower the dystocia rate. However, mothers with small pelvis need not worry too much, because during childbirth, the baby's skull is very soft, and the front and back halogen doors are not closed, which provides some space for squeezing. Even if it is not feasible to give birth, there is a caesarean section, so don't be afraid.

2. The chest is relatively large

In general, women with larger breasts will develop better, and estrogen is also very strong. So there will be a higher probability of conception. And after giving birth, women with large breasts tend to have more milk than women with smaller breasts. Therefore, in the ancient times when there was no milk powder and the material was scarce, the large breasts were naturally one of the signs of good health.

3. Normal menstruation

The quality of a woman's egg often represents the health of the fetus. Therefore, if women's menstruation is very regular, and in daily life, there is no dysmenorrhea. In this case, the quality of female eggs will be better, pregnancy will be easier, and the baby will be healthier.

4. Normal weight

If women are too obese, it will affect their own hormone levels, so it will indirectly affect their conception. Moreover, if you are too obese, you will also have a lot of trouble during delivery. For example, if you have a cesarean section, the fat of the pregnant mother is too thick, which will increase the difficulty of the operation. If the woman is too thin, the estrogen metabolism level will be relatively low, it is easy to produce malnutrition, and the landing of the fertilized egg will be more difficult. Therefore, whether a woman's body is too fat or too thin has a great influence on her pregnancy. In normal times, female friends must control their weight.

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