Wednesday, July 1, 2020

If the baby accumulates food, it is easy to get sick and not long. Identify these signals and bear in mind 3 measures

What are the performances of accumulated food?

When a child loses appetite for a period of time, he does not want to eat a few bites. Moreover, the child's stomach is still bulging without eating much, which is most likely a manifestation of accumulated food. In addition, when the child accumulates food, it will show bloating and diarrhea, and may also have stool erosion. There is also the skin of the child. The child's skin should be white and tender. The skin of the child who accumulates food will appear dry and dull, or the cheeks are red, the eyes are red and swollen and blue, and the bridge of the nose has blue muscles. Other children who accumulate food can make it difficult for the child to fall asleep or sleep uncomfortably, or sweat heavily after falling asleep.

How can children be kept away from accumulated food and healthy growth?

1. Exercise more after a meal

After the child has finished eating, he should let the child move around more and more. People now like to play with mobile phones. Especially when smartphones are popular, it is normal to have one mobile phone per person, but this also makes people pay attention to mobile phones. It is far more than exercise. There are not many people who lie on the sofa after eating, but this is more harmful to health. If there are children at home, the child will learn the behavior of the adult. This will make the child exercise less and may cause food accumulation. Case. For the health of children, parents should set a good example and let their children do more exercise, instead of just browsing the content on their mobile phones, and not experiencing the beauty of nature. If it is a baby who has not yet learned to walk, he can help the baby to let him jump on the adult’s lap or bed properly. The activities of a family together will also make the family harmonious and full of happiness.

2. Eat more crude fiber food

Now that living standards have improved, there will certainly be no shortage of big fish and big meat in the family, but for children, big fish and big meat are high-fat and high-protein foods, and the burden on the spleen and stomach of the child is still developing. If you eat more, it will increase the spleen and stomach. The burden leads to digestive dysfunction, leading to accumulation of food. The food prepared for the child should be nutritionally balanced, and more crude fiber food is conducive to the digestion of the child's spleen and stomach.

3. Add more water

Accumulating food is because the food accumulates in the spleen and stomach, and then the spleen and stomach will become clogged, and the body fluid will be reduced. If the water is replenished more than once, the situation of accumulating food will be reduced, especially in autumn, when the weather is dry. Water causes children to accumulate food.

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