Thursday, July 9, 2020

I became satisfied with my friend. What should I do?

I became satisfied with my friend. What should I do?

Testament is always irritating-no quality, no satisfaction, harmful to people, especially women.

What is the feeling of being in love? What are the dating skills? However, the new research may monopolize this traditional view. There is at least one "promised cannon", which is as satisfying as the sexual behavior in love-namely "friends and promissory cannons."

Of course, friends are not only shelling, but also doing interesting things together, but the two do not want to develop a stable relationship. This behavior is not a mess. Although it is not a night of sleep just met at the bar, it is not serious, nor is it a lover in a formal relationship.

For this kind of sexual behavior, both of them are casual, they do not make any agreement on this relationship, and they do not intend to become lovers or get married, but they have a certain degree of emotional input and have intimate, enthusiastic, and common experience.

Having said so much, what will the agreement between friends become compared to true love and sexual behavior in marriage?

Then to the right are the neutral action satisfaction points under the five situations of "shelling with friends", "love with no definite relationship", "formal love", "engagement" and "married". One point is the lowest and five points is the highest. n said that 475 people participated in the survey.

The fiancé may be most satisfied when they are on their honeymoon. Will there be any dissatisfaction? However, the satisfaction of sexual behavior in "shelling with friends" and "love with undetermined relationship" is basically the same as that in "formal love" and "married".

More importantly, the sexual satisfaction of these five relationships exceeded the average level, almost reaching full marks.

What is the difference between the satisfaction of men and women?

The study did not specifically distinguish the effects of gender, and the researchers supplemented the test, and the results showed that the satisfaction of men and women was not bad.

Therefore, at least in the sample of this survey, the sex of "dating a friend" and "love that has not yet decided on a relationship" is high-quality sex. In fact, this result is not so strange. In order to maintain a long-term contractual behavior, the two must give each other a lot of love and share secret information. Sex just makes two people more intimate and makes "friendship" a little different.

There is a movie called "Friends also sleep", the storyline is cliché, but the psychological development is in line with the law. It's just that the two pursue a feeling of excitement. This relationship will not last. However, as long as the relationship is long, it seems that commitment is needed.

Now that you have talked about sex, you can talk about love.

What does it feel like to be in love? What are the dating skills? What factors are needed for a good relationship? Intimacy, commitment, passion and romance are essential. However, at a certain stage of life, you may not be able to concentrate all the "elements of love", it is not surprising that there are so many relationships in the world.

In any case, existence is reasonable. If there is unilateral dissatisfaction with this relationship, it will not continue. If you continue, it is because both parties are happy and not tired.

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