Wednesday, July 1, 2020

"Hypothyroidism" during pregnancy is likely to cause fetal abortion, if these symptoms often occur before pregnancy

Hypothyroidism, referred to as hypothyroidism. Mainly caused by the lack of thyroid hormones, which leads to a decline in the body's metabolic function. The patient group of hypothyroidism is more common in middle-aged women, and the ratio of men and women is 1:6, so hypothyroidism is a major threat to women's health. So what are the symptoms of hypothyroidism? How can we avoid hypothyroidism? How to be your own healthy master?

1. Facial reaction: The female with hypothyroidism has a pale complexion. The whole person looks very insane, silent, with indifferent expression, dull and dignified eyes, and swollen cheeks and eyes.

2. Anorexia and bloating: Women with hypothyroidism generally have symptoms of anorexia. Once eating, they will feel bloating, thus stopping eating. Such patients often have discomfort in the abdomen, and in the long run, they are no longer willing to eat, thereby exacerbating anorexia. Because eating less, it can cause constipation and life is more painful.

3. Menstrual disorders: Women with hypothyroidism usually have symptoms of menstrual disorders, unstable menstruation, less menstrual flow, and symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Once amenorrhea occurs, women will prematurely fail and lose the chance of conception.

4. Endocrine disorders: We all know that endocrine is very important for women's health, but once suffering from hypothyroidism, the endocrine system will be disordered, physical fitness will deteriorate, and it will be accompanied by a series of diseases such as hair loss and skin diseases.

5. Premature birth or miscarriage: Hypothyroidism is more harmful to women during pregnancy, and it is easy to cause premature or miscarriage of pregnant women. It is very dangerous, and serious cases will endanger women's lives.

6. Complications: Hypothyroidism is accompanied by a series of complications. Women with hypothyroidism may have diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

7. Depressed mood: Women suffering from hypothyroidism usually have a depressed mood, are easily depressed, and are cranky, do not like someone to communicate, severe cases will cause depression.

8. Skin condition: In women with hypothyroidism, the skin will be very dry, the stratum corneum will be thickened, and the desquamation will be more serious. The hands and feet will be dry and cracked.

It can be seen that hypothyroidism is very harmful to women, especially women who are preparing for pregnancy. Help Mom summarizes the methods for preventing hypothyroidism for everyone, come take a look!

1. Regular screening: I don’t know if you have the habit of going to the hospital to check your body regularly. Helping your mom go to the hospital to check your body twice a year, all say that health is the capital of revolution. Therefore, regular medical examination and regular screening are the responsibility of oneself and the family. Regular physical examination can detect many serious diseases early, find them early, and treat them early, which can extend people's lifespan.

2. Control the intake of iodine: excessive intake of iodine is also an important cause of hypothyroidism. Therefore, it is reasonable to ingest in daily life, not overdose in everything.

3. Healthy lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle is a good way to maintain health. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and supplement foods rich in protein. It is also important to strengthen physical exercise. Everyone should develop a good love for sports. Habit, only by loving sports, can life be full of vitality.

Hypothyroidism is a very common disease, which is very harmful to human health and causes great harm to patients' psychology and life. Therefore, we must pay attention to the above three points in daily life to avoid suffering from hypothyroidism. People who are ill do not need to be depressed. They are actively cooperating with doctors to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, exercise appropriately, and help mom believe that everyone can overcome the disease and return to a happy and healthy life.

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