Friday, July 10, 2020

How to treat his wife's cold sex

In the marriage relationship, the harmonious sex life is very important, but many men are worried about the problem of how their wives are cold. Today, the editor will help everyone and teach you how to treat your wife's cold sex.

1. What to do if his wife is cold

Sexual indifference refers to lack of sexual desire. Popularly speaking, it means that you are not interested in sexual life, but it is also said to be a decrease in sexual desire. Sexual indifference is a condition that is more common in couples' lives and more difficult to treat. There are many reasons for the formation of this disease, including mental factors and defects in physical diseases. How to treat the wife's cold sex requires starting from the root cause.

1. Eliminate physiological reasons

Accompany her to the hospital for an examination to see if there are any physical problems. Check liver function, kidney function, thyroid function, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and CT of the head, especially for gynecology and obstetrics examination, if problems are found, they should be treated in time.

2. Tracing the psychological roots

With patience and love, this may be a long and arduous struggle. It is necessary to adjust one's own mentality and maintain the temperature of feelings. Guide her to sort out her sexually related memories until she finds her psychological roots and is willing to be completely open to you.

If she can tell the story of being sexually assaulted or even raped in her early years; or she can say that she received incorrect sex education or was afraid of pregnancy or childbirth when she was young; , Then you are half successful, because the next step can be treated according to the cause.

3. Communicative coldness

For a wife who is psychologically traumatized or mentally concerned, the husband should patiently guide the wife and help eliminate the concerns. If a woman's lack of sexual knowledge leads to a discordant sexual life, the husband and wife should actively communicate, learn sexual knowledge, understand each other's sexual psychology and sexual needs, explore and try on the premise of mutual consent, and learn to appreciate and praise each other.

4. Take care of your wife and coordinate your relationship

If the relationship between husband and wife is not in harmony, there will be no pleasure in sex life. A wife is not a vassal of her husband. Only by being more caring about his wife can she let her forget the unfortunate past, and never express dissatisfaction in her speech. Can often accompany her to travel, walk, watch movies. Do more in housework, encourage more in spirit, and provide her with psychological comfort. When there are differences in life, we should seek common ground while reserving small differences, and a tolerant attitude to resolve the conflict.

Some women, especially those who have been sexually assaulted, should undergo sexual psychotherapy. It is best to find a professional who is willing to trust to listen to them and comfort the injured heart.

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