Monday, July 20, 2020

How to relieve the pain when you love love

Ai Ai is a pleasure between husband and wife, but basically everyone will hurt the first few times in love. This is because Ai Ai’s foreplay and skills have not been mastered, so that women feel pain when inserting . So how can couples alleviate the pain during love? Come and learn quickly.

How to relieve the pain when you love love

1. Pay attention to foreplay

For women, sex foreplay is a must, especially for young women who are not experienced in sex. Sex therapists recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes before vaginal intercourse for kissing, hugging, full-body caressing each other, and oral sex. After making the vagina moist enough, sex will not hurt so much.

2. Use lubricant

After the age of 40, women begin to slowly move towards menopause. Many women cannot produce enough natural vaginal lubricants. Lubrication problems are becoming more and more common. Women who feel vaginal dryness and discomfort can use lubricants.

3. The action needs to be gentle

During sex, if you use too much force, women will still feel pain. The musculature of the female vagina will relax only when she is "warming up" and ready for sexual intercourse, and only when the penis enters slowly will it "give way" without causing pain.

4. Condom allergy

Women are allergic to condoms and cause contact dermatitis, which can lead to pain during sexual intercourse. If the female vulva skin is very sensitive, it is recommended to buy qualified high-quality products. If the vulva is red or itchy, it is best to consult a doctor. After the disease is cured, sex pain Will ease.

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