Thursday, July 9, 2020

How to live a good husband and wife life? Healthy sex techniques enhance sexual well-being

How to live a married couple's life is the highlight of marriage preservation. A harmonious couple's life can warm up each other's feelings. The editor of Huazhen shares how to live a good husband and wife's life in this article. Healthy sex techniques enhance sexual well-being.

1. Maintain yourself

Whether it is a man or a woman, as they grow older, their physical function will not be as good as when they are young, and they will take good care of themselves and strengthen exercise is a guarantee for how to live a good life for couples.

Second, healthy sex skills

1. Carefully caress

The process of arousal of sexual excitement by middle-aged men and women is slower than in the past. Both parties should use sufficient time to kiss, hug, and touch, including touching a reproductive organ, which can extend the time of each caressing action and change the rhythm and intensity of touching. So as to lay the foundation for orgasm.

2. Try a new sexual position

Most middle-aged people start to gain weight, and weight gain can change the traditional postures of male and female sex, such as lateral lying position, female upper male and female, etc., but the change of posture requires both parties to explore and experience.

3. Pay attention to the tentative foreplay

Middle-aged women may suffer from itching, burning sensation and dry pain during intercourse due to hypogonadism and insufficient vaginal secretions. Applying some medical petrolatum or contraceptive ointment to the male or female sexual organs before sexual intercourse can avoid these discomfort symptoms happened.

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