Friday, July 10, 2020

How to kiss: How do boys judge that they can kiss girls

Kissing is a way of expressing love between lovers. Many lovers start to love from kissing. There are many benefits of kissing, and of course there are many ways of kissing. Today, I edit the benefits of the straight men’s hair and share the kisses for everyone Way to bring everyone into an "old driver".

First, the kissing method: how do boys judge that they can kiss girls

1. Determine if you can kiss her

When the two are alone, they chat naturally. You can touch her hair while trying to chat. Don't be too anxious so as not to make the other person feel like you want to take advantage. Don’t feel too strong, it’s best to touch it. Then take your hand back.

Way of kissing

If you shrink your hands and come back because of nervousness or excitement, the girl will feel that you are unkind, or that you are playing with her, and you will be prepared for you next time. So slowly take your hands back. If the girl smiled at you when you clicked her hair, if you did not resist this behavior, congratulations, you can continue.

2. She noticed that you touched her hair

At this time, continue to chat, and then reach out and touch her hair, while stroking her eyes, cheeks and lips with gentle eyes, the rhythm should be slow, and slowly turn in these three places. This is to let her see that you are looking at her seriously, but if you look directly at you, it will cause pressure, and pressure is the biggest obstacle before kissing.

3. You can kiss her

If she starts to put your hand on her hair and feels comfortable until she chats and strokes, then you can kiss her next. Because when a woman agrees to touch her hair, she basically accepts your closeness to her.

Second, the kissing method: what should boys do when kissing

Speaking of the way of kissing, many people will ask, kissing still needs skills? Just kiss. In fact, there are many ways of kissing, and there are not many people who do not understand.

1. You can't open your eyes when kissing first, this is a taboo, because it will make the other party panic and embarrassing, he will think that you don't care about him.

2. Secondly, some girls will stand stunned when kissing, her hands stiff, her boyfriend is like a model in the skylight. Just imagine what it will be like in his heart? In this case, you should hold him. Most men are taller than women. If you wrap his hands around his neck, he will hold your waist with both hands.

3. Be gentle and focused when kissing, so that you can enjoy the happiness brought by kissing.

4. There is also a man who can’t wait to kiss you when he first knows you or when he’s in a relationship with you, and he is very overbearing and makes you helpless. At this time, you have to push him away, because this kind of man is very selfish, he only considers his own feelings, not whether love is gentle, a gradual process, and rude love is not worth our thoughts.

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