Friday, July 10, 2020

How to kiss the first kiss in order to narrow the distance between each other

Love is beautiful. Two people come together because they love each other. After they are together, holding hands, hugging, and kissing are all gradual processes. The first kiss, the first kiss, is the most memorable. Are you Remember how it felt when you first kissed? Today, I will talk to you about the definition of the first kiss and related knowledge.

1. Definition of first kiss

The first kiss is literally, broadly understood as the first time someone kisses someone else's mouth. First kiss does not refer to the first kiss with the opposite sex (mouth-to-mouth), but refers to the first kiss with the opposite sex during human development or puberty, and later. The first kiss is human's subjective judgment, and gradually mature behavior, refers to the first kiss with the admirer. The first kiss in early society refers to kissing with the opposite sex without blood relationship. If you don't like or love each other, and you get kissed by carelessness, this is not a first kiss.

Second, what is the feeling of the first kiss

1. Just like a child playing firecrackers, he is full of joy and afraid of approaching.

2. The surroundings are very quiet, standing there stunned, the streetlights are dim, and with his eyes open, he can still see his eyes closed and conscientious. Although it is like a lip kiss for more than ten seconds, it is still dizzy. day.

3. When you kiss, there is a general feeling of electric shock, a bit exaggerated and a bit sweet. Then my mind went blank, and finally flew to the clouds.

4. When I think about the first kiss, I feel very sweet. The first kiss makes the whole body soft, and the whole person is in a daze there. At a loss, I only feel the numbness of the whole body energized, and even the breathing becomes slow, as if the whole world is still. Too.

5. I thought that the first kiss was a simple touch, and I found that the fairy tales were deceptive, and the direct kiss came up.

6. The heart is about to explode, and there is one day left to relish.

7. The whole person was stunned, as if he was electrified. He was so cramped that he didn't dare to breathe and stayed there with his eyes open.

3. How to kiss the first kiss

1. Take your time.

2. Keep calm.

3. The fast pace doesn't necessarily make her sick.

4. Face yourself honestly, because the deep love behind the kiss is the key to creating beauty.

5. If your touch makes her feel comfortable, touch her gently and warmly. Don't talk, look into her eyes, if you think this is the right time, then kiss!

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