Thursday, July 9, 2020

How to extend sex life

Due to the different physiological structure of men and women, men reach orgasm earlier than women, so men can extend their sex time appropriately, so that both lovers can achieve orgasm together. Being in a state is more conducive to the warming up and development of feelings, but how does men extend sex What about life time?

1. How to extend the time of sex life?

1. The male perineum is where the reproductive organs are located, and this part is often oppressed, affecting blood flow. Lifting the anus solves this problem, and often lifting the anus also helps to exercise the anal pelvic floor sphincter function. Lifting the anus is to contract the anus, with breathing, hold back for a while, then release it.

2. The contact method can be standing or sitting. When standing, the legs should be as wide as the shoulders. When sitting, the waist should be straight, the arms should be relaxed, take a deep breath (no need for malice), and then do the levator Exercise, at this time, you will feel a sense of numbness from the bottom to the upload to the brain, and then continue to maintain the anal movement, do not relax until you can not persist.

3. Every morning and evening practice for 30 minutes each time is very helpful to prevent prostate disease and increase physical fitness. It is necessary to persevere every day to get results.

4. Create a good sex atmosphere

Before making love, you should be prepared like a holiday and vacation. You must prepare in advance, such as taking a bath beforehand, sending your child to bed early, etc., and talking about more exciting topics related to making love.

Second, the method of extending sex time

1. Achieve three "net, static and net".

Before sex, do "bedding clean, quiet environment, and clean heart". Clean and tidy bedding is a necessary prerequisite for sex, cotton sheets, large size bed is the best choice. Quiet environment means no noise and no interruption by family. Inner cleanliness means that you are not distracted, and don’t worry about things.

2. The foreplay reaches 6 minutes.

Proper foreplay is particularly important for both parties. It can help women produce vaginal secretions and help men increase erection hardness. The American psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Coulter pointed out that the best "sex foreplay" must meet the four major needs of human vision, touch, smell, and hearing. Say something teasing, breathing, kissing, and caressing... The time is generally more appropriate in 6~10 minutes.

3. Substantial love 7~13 minutes.

Researchers at the Biland College in Pennsylvania, USA, found that substantive love (sex organ contact) is most appropriate in 7 to 13 minutes. More than 13 minutes, male fatigue will increase, and it is more difficult to restore physical strength; less than 7 minutes, both sides will feel deliberately unfinished.

4. Hug for 10 minutes afterwards.

Not paying attention to "post-play" is a common problem for men all over the world, but sex without post-play is incomplete. Professor Ma Xiaonian of the Department of Sexual Medicine of Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University suggested that after each sex life, give each other some praise and encouragement, clean each other's private parts, or say nothing, and hug quietly for 10 minutes, which can give both parties psychological satisfaction. Deepen each other's feelings.

5. Proper contraceptive measures.

A new survey shows that doing a good job of contraception allows both parties to have no worries when it comes to having sex, and is more engaged. Contraceptive pills and condoms are good choices. Of course, if you have decided to have a baby, then relax and enjoy it.

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