Thursday, July 9, 2020

How to do women's first life

Many girls always feel pain for their first time, causing many girls who have not had sexual experience to feel uneasy. In fact, not all women will feel pain for the first time in their lives. Feelings vary from person to person. Today I will share with you What should women do for the first time in life, let them leave a better memory for the first time.

1. How to do the first life

1. Posture

When you first love, it is often because of time, place, mood, and psychological tension that may cause the two parties to panic and rush, and not to mention what kind of posture to put on, this will also bring girls Discomfort and pain. When girls have sex for the first time, they must lie down, relax, and spread their legs apart. This will allow the body to relax to the greatest extent, reduce resistance, and therefore reduce pain.

2. Cooperate with boyfriend to do foreplay

Foreplay is a fusion of the two parties in love psychologically, emotionally, and physically. It is an indispensable link before sex. It is not only related to the success of the first love, but also the guarantee of future sex harmony. If the boy is also inexperienced for the first time, it leads to panic and confusion, and it will also bring pain to the girl for the first time, so cooperate with your boyfriend to do a foreplay.

3. Guide your boyfriend

Everyone's sensitive parts and degrees of body are different. Especially for the first time, a boyfriend will not form a tacit agreement with a girl. If you feel that your boyfriend touches a sensitive part of your body, it will make you feel hot and unusually excited, and your body has an uncontrollable desire and demand. Then you will guide your boyfriend to touch more of your sensitive parts. Enter again, it will reduce the pain.

4. Comfortable environment

The environment also affects the mood and physical response of sex. The warm, romantic, and quiet environment will bring people a comfortable, relaxed, and safe psychology, so it will bring people a happy mood, reduce the tension, and also numb the pain of the body, so women can live for the first time. Try to choose a comfortable environment.

5. Don't be too nervous

The first time a woman feels is the first time the body receives a collision with a foreign body, there will naturally be an uncomfortable feeling. In addition, after the girl's hymen is punctured, it will feel a little bit painful. But this is also different from person to person. Not everyone will feel pain. The reason why many girls worry about pain is their own psychological shadows and imagined symptoms. Even if it hurts, it feels like being bitten by a mosquito at best, and it is fleeting, and then it will be surrounded by happiness and joy.

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