Thursday, July 9, 2020

How prospective couples live a good life

Sometimes women are trying to meet their needs in order to fear that their husbands cannot be satisfied, but sex is actually the giving and receiving of both parties, and they cannot flatter each other. Today, I will share with you more quasi-marital sex skills and see how men and women live a good life.

1. How to live a good husband and wife life?

1. Descriptive activities

Just talk about current activities during sex, such as "Your hands are rubbing on my thighs, which feels awesome", and your partner will know what can mobilize you, what you desire more, and what actions can bring you Pleasure. And on-site description of sexual activity can prevent thoughts from drifting and ensure that you are fully focused on sexual activity.

2. Suction fingers

When watching romantic movies with her husband on the weekend, if you encounter some romantic plots, please take a deep breath with your palms, and then stick out a finger to symbolically suck, which is more tempting than you to roll into his arms all at once. Madam, men still prefer implicit beauty.

3. Focus on foreplay

Most women are obsessed with foreplay, while men are always easy to be impatient, hastily, whether the husband’s preparations are sufficient, and there is an inevitable connection with his wife’s full commitment. In addition to the foreplay, the afterplay is also valued by women. One of the parts is that when the sex life is over, the husband will fall asleep, and how many women will be bad will directly affect the quality of sex next time.

4. Diversified ways of making love

A uniform sex lifestyle can make your wife's sex life unharmonious. In fact, the ways in which each couple expresses their sexual desire can be varied. Just like the human taste, it needs to be constantly renovated. Doing so can improve the freshness and attractiveness of sex life, and make sex life more harmonious and attractive.

5. Harmonious life requires joint efforts of both parties

Some couples always blame each other for disharmony in their sex lives, blaming each other for not cooperating well. In fact, a pleasant meeting was the result of the cooperation between the couple. To this end, both couples should read some books on the basis of sexual knowledge to understand the different characteristics of male and female sexual psychology and sexual physiology, so as to cooperate with each other, inspire each other, and make sex life happy.

Second, quasi-marital sex skills: how to live a married life?

1. Harmonious daily life helps to promote a happy life. In daily life, caring for each other and understanding each other is the best way to strengthen the relationship between the husband and wife, harmonize the sentiment, and enhance the intimacy.

2. Be responsible for your sexual pleasure. Mainly for the wife, the wife has the right to make active requests for her sexual pleasure. When the spirit is not good and the body is not good, the husband should be politely declined. In sex life, you should find pleasure for yourself and try to make your husband understand his needs.

3. Constantly change the way of sex life. In a long-term way, it is easy to produce boredom. Both parties should keep innovating and can try different times, different environments, different places, different postures, etc.

4. Don't wait for an orgasm. When it is difficult for a woman to reach orgasm, she may wish to try other sexual lifestyles, such as self-touch stimulation, reading some sex paintings and calligraphy, etc., which may be helpful. >>More gender knowledge and skills

5. How to live a married life? There should be proper sexual fantasies between husband and wife. This can increase sexual pleasure on both sides.

6. Don't bring dissatisfaction into sex life. If you do not cooperate with each other in sex life or temporarily suspend sex due to quarrels, sulking, and complaining, you will bring hidden dangers to your future sex life.

7. If you have sexual problems, please consult an expert in time. If you have sexual problems on one side, don’t be afraid of shyness and shy away from medical treatment, otherwise it will bring more family troubles.

8. Don't seek perfection every time. Some people (especially men) always expect a perfect life every time, otherwise they will either blame each other or blame each other. You know, even experts in this field can hardly be perfect every time.

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