Thursday, July 9, 2020

How often do couples live

Sometimes flirting between husband and wife may lead to a sudden temporary sex between husband and wife, but the frequency of sexual life also needs to be controlled. The frequency can not be too good, and excessive sexual desire, it is better to let the duration of sex life longer. So how often do couples live better?

1. How often do couples live?

1. The influence of age on sexual ability

When calculating, as long as you multiply the tens digit of your age by 9, the tens digit of the product is the number of days a sex cycle lasts, and the single digit is the frequency of sex you deserve.

Taking a 30-year-old as an example, his sex frequency should be "3×9=27", that is, having 7 sex lives in 20 days is healthy, about once every 3 days; the sex frequency of people in their 40s should be "4 ×9=36”, that is, 6 sexes should be lived within 30 days, about once every 5 days; and those in their 50s are “5×9=45”, which means that they have sex 5 times within 40 days, about once every 8 days. . But after all, sex life is a matter of affection. Things that are largely controlled by passion and physical strength cannot be carried out in accordance with the constraints of the box. Your own feelings are the most important.

If the award is only physiological, then regardless of men and women, regardless of age, when sexual excitement is produced, as long as it is not reluctant and does not have any uncomfortable feelings, then you can have sex and you don’t have to think about the last time. how long.

2. The frequency of sexual intercourse when young can often determine the frequency of sexual activity in middle and old age

That is to say, if you have more sexual life when you are young, then your sexual needs will not be too low after the middle age.

3. Three factors determining the frequency of sex

Feelings: The feeling of the partner is the determinant of the strength of sexual desire. If you are no longer interested in him (her), or even full of resentment, sexual desire is definitely not high.

Mood: A person who is frustrated and lives with stress and anxiety all year round is difficult to be interested in sex life because sex requires passion and relaxation.

Age: Research shows that the peak of male libido is between 18 and 25 years old, and the female is between 35 and 45 years old. Since then, libido gradually weakened.

Second, how to live a temporary couple's affairs

1. Regular exercise

Exercise can improve blood circulation throughout the body, including sex organs, allowing sex to achieve a breakthrough in quality. Jogging or walking for half an hour every day and exercising at least three times a week will increase sex time and frequency.

2. Slow down your breath

During sex, slowing down your breathing and taking deep breaths can help regulate your heart rate. Lowering your heart rate can maintain longer sexual excitement.

3. Use tips

In the length of sex, men play a leading role and can increase the length through some tips, such as gently squeezing the tip of the penis (grant glans) when orgasm is about to be reached, which can reduce sexual excitement, weaken the erection state, and effectively control premature ejaculation . In the process of sex, when there is a sense of urgency to ejaculate, pulling down the scrotum and testicles can reduce sexual tension, thereby delaying the arrival of orgasm.

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