Thursday, July 2, 2020

How much of myopia is inherited by children? Pediatrician: This degree is very dangerous!

Myopia is more common for modern people. There are many adults who wear glasses. Even if they don’t wear frame glasses, they may wear contact lenses. Even among elementary school students and junior high school students, there are many short-sighted people. No way, who makes the school heavy now? After working, adults face computer work every day, and usually play games to relax. It is difficult to avoid myopia.

As parents, everyone's biggest idea is how not to let children be short-sighted. A few days ago, there was a couple of Xiao Wang. Both of them are white-collar workers and are myopic. They have been married for more than a year and plan to have children. I heard that myopia may be passed on to the next generation. problem. In response to this question, the editor specially consulted the pediatrician and now gives the answer.

To clarify this problem, we must first understand a question: why do people become short-sighted?

Myopia is mainly divided into two situations, the first is environmental factors, and the second is genetic factors. The editor first talks about the conditions that genetic factors cause myopia, which is the problem that the Xiao Wangs worry about.

What are genetic factors?

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of myopia, one is simple myopia, and the other is high myopia. The degree of division between these two types of myopia is 600 degrees. Those below 600 degrees are considered to be low to moderate myopia, which is simply myopia. This situation is very common, and this degree of myopia is generally not inherited. If the degree of myopia of the Xiao Wang couple is not higher than 600 degrees, there is no need to worry too much. As long as you pay attention to eye health, children will not be inherited.

After talking about simple myopia, let's talk about high myopia. Nature above 600 degrees is naturally high myopia.

Generally refers to high myopia, even myopia with atrophy and deformation of the fundus. If the degree exceeds 600 degrees, it is likely to be inherited. However, there is a certain probability, not 100% inheritance. So don't worry too much.

What are environmental factors?

Environmental factors are another important factor causing myopia. Generally refers to people's inappropriate habits of using their eyes, when they are too close when watching TV or using computers, or they stare at the computer for a long time and read books for a long time. The consequence of this is that the muscles that regulate the eye are in a constant state of tension. Over time, the ability to regulate the muscles will weaken, which will cause myopia.

Especially now that the children's studies are heavy, there are endless homework every day, unfinished books, and various cram schools after school, which is easy to cause myopia. And this is caused by the big environment, many times it is still helpless.

How can I prevent myopia?

If you want your child not to be short-sighted, you must first pay attention to the health of your eyes. If both parents are already highly short-sighted, you will particularly control your child’s eye habits. This is the same as when a child usually attends a class. Whenever a 45-minute class is taken, it is necessary to take a proper rest for 10 minutes. It is best to go out and look out. When you are attending class or writing homework, be sure to straighten your shoulders and have a correct sitting posture. In addition, after going to school, in addition to various cram schools, it is also necessary to allow children to carry out some outdoor activities, which can not only increase the relationship between children and their own, but also keep children away from myopia.

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