Thursday, July 2, 2020

How much meat can the fetus grow in the last month of pregnancy?

The baby is born in October, and the baby is growing up every day. Expectant mothers are looking forward to the day of delivery with a happy mood every day. In order to let the child grow up better, generally a lot of nutrients will be ingested during pregnancy. What does the development process look like? When does the weight of the fetus grow fastest? When is the most easily absorbed nutrients for the fetus? Will the fetus grow flesh in late pregnancy? We will explain these issues one by one~

How does fetal weight increase?

The amount of fetal weight gain is related to the pregnancy cycle, and the weekly weight gain in each stage is not the same.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists: In the first trimester, the fetus is mainly in the form of an embryo, and the weight gain will be slower. The weight gain per week is generally about 1-2 grams. During the second trimester, the fetus is preparing for rapid growth later. It is about 50 grams per week. The third trimester is the period when the fetus gains weight the most. It usually increases by about 100 grams per week. It will grow to 200 grams a few weeks before delivery.

Can we calculate the weight of the fetus by ourselves?

When you go to the hospital for general check-ups, the doctor will tell you about the weight of the fetus. They are calculated based on the fetal double top diameter, abdominal circumference and other data. These are difficult for our ordinary treasure mother, so we can use a simpler The algorithm: Fetal weight = palace height * abdominal circumference +200.

You can use this method to calculate your child's weight!

Will the fetus grow flesh in late pregnancy?

During the first and second trimesters, the fetus will not grow much. Until the 7th month of pregnancy, the fetus will start to grow a lot of flesh, but the fetus can gain the most weight every week. About 150 grams.

When is the most easily absorbed nutrients for the fetus?

The first stage is 5-7 weeks of pregnancy. This stage is a golden period for fetal body and brain development. At this time, the fetal neural network begins to develop, including the main nerves such as auditory nerves and visual nerves, so expectant mothers must At this stage, make nutrition supplements;

The second stage is the tenth week of pregnancy. At this time, the baby is already humanoid and can distinguish the baby's limbs and facial features. Although the head is large and the body is small, it looks like a little monster. At this time, the brain and intelligence of the fetus are in the developmental stage. Baoma must supplement some foods containing DHA accordingly, such as walnuts and almonds;

The third stage is the twentieth week to the twenty-second week of pregnancy. This is the third golden stage of fetal brain development. In the first stage, only the overall neural network is developing. During this period, the neural network has been separated. Auditory nerves, olfactory nerves, visual nerves, etc. At this time, the pregnant mother must strengthen the supply of nutrition to give the fetus a better environment for absorption.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, to give children enough nutrition, what should mom pay attention to?

1. Supplement nutrition in a balanced and comprehensive manner

During the high-speed period of fetal growth and development, Bao Ma must pay attention to a comprehensive and balanced nutrition intake, so as not to affect the baby's growth and development, and to prevent the baby from absorbing too much nutrition from the mother and causing the mother's physical discomfort. And supplementing nutrition is not blindly supplementing excessive supplements. When eating, Baoma should pay attention to eat less and eat more meals at a time. Don’t eat too much at a time, because the fetus has been formed in the second trimester and occupies a large area in the uterus, which will squeeze the stomach. Eating too much will cause great pressure on the stomach.

2. Develop the habit of applying body milk to prevent stretch marks in advance

During the second trimester, the fetus gains weight quickly, and the mother's stomach is also quickly enlarged. If the subcutaneous fiber of the expectant mother is too weak, it is easy to break, and this break will become stretch marks after birth. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, expectant mothers must apply olive oil, body milk, anti-stretch mark cream, etc. in advance.

It's already late pregnancy, expectant mothers can finally unload the goods and meet the baby in the belly! In the last period of time, we must pay attention to the physical condition of ourselves and children! Prepare for the upcoming delivery!

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