Friday, July 10, 2020

How much do you know about the body secrets of women

There are many secrets for girls, including psychological, physical, and others. How much do you know about the secrets of women's bodies? Women's bodies always make men think, and women's body secrets are like treasures, waiting for men to explore in depth. Today we will explore the secrets of women's bodies together.

1. How much do you know about women's body secrets?

Speaking of women, you can't help but talk about the proud twin peaks. The tall breasts attracted men like magic. The more scary the bust number, the higher the probability of men being attracted. Therefore, many women love to wear tights and low-cut dresses, it is nothing more than to give men the idea of ​​finding out, men's obsession with breasts will surprise people.

When a man has a good impression on a woman, he always takes pains to take the woman's hand. The hand is also a woman's body secret. As long as the hand is held, it means that the woman has accepted him, and he has conquered the woman. The hands are so soft and warm, and holding hands makes people feel happy.

The private parts are also one of the secrets of a woman's body. Usually, women always carefully protect this forbidden place from outsiders. When a woman has a beloved man, how can't wait to let the man drive in. The private parts are mysterious and desirable. Many men have a virgin complex, which also reflects the importance of private parts. Women can keep this secret garden of the body.

The semi-circular buttocks give men a visual impact. The S-shaped curve fully shows the good figure of women, and at the same time plays a suggestive role in sex, so that men can’t wait to get into the wrong, and even have the desire to enter the hips or adjacent parts. Unconventional sex.

Finally, let's talk about hair. The long black hair and slim back always make men miss. Hair is a girl's secret. The appearance, texture, and length of hair can make an impression on men. The fluttering long hair is a symbol of femininity, which makes men keep looking back.

There are still many women’s body secrets. In general, the tighter the cover, the closer to the private part, the more the desire to explore. These parts are precisely the places where women should be carefully protected.

Second, the girl's secret

1. Girls are emotional animals, so never try to clarify the truth to them, they are not reasonable animals themselves.

2. Bras will always be a stuff that occupies a considerable portion of girls' expenditures without having to spend.

3. Most girls have imagined that their boyfriends pressed on the wall or pressed against the bed and tried to resist the situation where they finally resisted being rejected by their boyfriends.

4. Girls are more tortured by hot weather than boys in summer. At 37 and 8 degrees in summer, they put their hair around their necks, they wear thick bras, and they wear sanitary napkins... so boys, please take care Your girlfriend.

5. Most girls like to have something in their hands that they can spend time with when they are older. Generally, they are mobile phones. Look at mobile newspapers, browse the web, etc. In short, they will not just concentrate on shit...

6. Boys will never give girls the thrill of shopping, and they will never experience it.

7. It is difficult for girls to go to bed for the first time, and it will become easier and more eager in the future, and boys will do the opposite.

8. No matter how much attention is paid to the hygiene of private parts, girls will also be infected. Because of the particularity of the anatomical position, this part is destined to be easily attacked by the outside world. Therefore, there will always be a bottle of women's cleansing and clean yin in the girls' toiletries. God's horse.

9. When girls arrive at university, they basically don't use their minds to study, but fashion. Boyfriends, shopping, spending... In short, when going to college for a lap, most men will always feel how the college girls are more and more like ladies...

10. Girls spend a lot of money on their aunts every month, from day-to-night use of extra-long without side leakage to accidental soiling of the inside, pants or bed linens, so girls really Is not easy.

11. Some girls are very sexual, and there are potentially violent and perverted thoughts. Many girls have fantasies about tying a man in a dizziness, tying it up, closing his mouth and doing whatever he wants.

12. Girls always have an endless yearning for snacks, which is something that boys can't experience.

13. Girls are always immune to romance and surprises.

14. The sixth sense of girls is sometimes very strong, so if you are not good at lying, it is best to tell the truth, not to deceive your girlfriend.

15. Some girls' gynecological diseases come from incorrect methods of wiping their ass.

16. Girls' feet are not inferior to boys.

17. After the conflict between the girls, the old mortal did not interact. Instead of being like boys, many would become good friends and brothers.

18. Girls do not use sanitary napkins to pad under the menstrual period only. Ten days after the initial menstruation is clean, they use a stuff called a pad.

19. Girls ask you, am I fat? You must say, no, I don't think you are fat at all. Otherwise, you will be miserable. The subtext of the girl when asking this sentence is that I am not fat at all.

20. The topics between girls will never be separated from the aspects of gossip, food, clothing, and men.

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