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How many times a day does breast milk and milk powder defecate normal?

Babies in babies and toddlers don’t speak, and they don’t know how to express themselves. Parents can tell whether there is something wrong with the baby's body from the stool. And different feeding methods, the baby's stool is different.

1. New born baby

We waited for the arrival of the child with a feeling of anticipation, and touched his little hand, our heart was particularly warm. But at the same time, he was so fragile, always asking the doctor many strange questions. Many novice mothers find that the baby's stool is dark green, and they are very worried. At this time, the doctor will tell you that this is a normal phenomenon. Because the baby swallowed amniotic fluid, fetal fat, fetal hair, exfoliated epithelial cells and other substances in the mother's belly, it showed a dark green color, and we called it feces.

Newborn babies have a lot of bowel movements a day, usually 4-8 times. The feces are sticky, shiny, and have no odor. This situation usually lasts 2 to 4 days, after which, the color of the baby's stool will vary according to the feeding method.

Second, breast milk baby

Breastfeeding babies have a lot of bowel movements a day, usually five or six times. They are golden yellow, and occasionally have small milk clots, but there is no obvious smell, and it will be slightly sour. If your baby has more stools a day, the following two situations will occur: First, the amount of fat in breast milk is too much, and there will be a lot of indigestible food in the stool.

At this time, the time of each feeding can be reduced, and the child can eat the first half of the milk, because the first half of breast milk contains more protein, which is both nutritious and easy to digest. The second half has a lot of fat and is not easy to digest, which can cause great harm to the baby's stomach. The second is physiological diarrhea. In addition to increasing the number of bowel movements, the baby has a good appetite, no vomiting, and growth is not affected. After the addition of complementary foods, the number of bowel movements will gradually become normal.

Third, milk powder baby

The stools of babies who grow up with milk powder will usually form more, and the milky clot will be more yellow or golden yellow. If the stool is yellowish and greenish, it is mostly due to the high iron content in the milk powder. When the baby does not fully absorb iron, the stool will be green. It may also be caused by indigestion caused by colds in the abdomen or intestinal infections. This needs to be checked in the hospital to determine the cause and whether treatment is required.

Compared with breast-fed babies, powdered milk babies will have fewer bowel movements a day, generally 1-3 times. There is no obvious smell, but it will be slightly sour. In fact, it is better to feed your baby's breast milk because it is the most natural and safest nutritious food.

Four, mixed feeding baby

Mixed feeding baby means drinking both breast milk and milk powder. His stool color is generally light yellow or brownish yellow. The frequency of the stool is 1-2 times a day. 2-3 times a day or more is normal. But if the number of stools increases more, most of them are indigestion.

At this time, you need to cooperate with the doctor's treatment to make your baby recover quickly. By the way, mixed feeding babies must drink breast milk first, and drink milk powder when not enough. According to the modulation in the manual, the ratio of water and milk powder cannot be changed at will. Mothers usually let their children drink plenty of water and insist on daily massages for their babies to promote gastrointestinal motility and help digestion.

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