Friday, July 3, 2020

How many teeth are destroyed during pregnancy, you will have to suffer if you don't do it!

Due to changes in pregnant women’s eating habits and hormone secretion and metabolism, pregnant women are more likely to suffer from dental caries and periodontal diseases than others, so pregnant mothers must not forget to do oral examinations before pregnancy to ensure oral health and safely pass pregnancy .

1. Check gingivitis and periodontitis

During pregnancy, the level of estrogen in pregnant mommy rises, it is easy to cause inflammation of the gums and periodontal, red and swollen gums, pain, sensitivity to heat and cold, bleeding from brushing teeth. If the teeth have these symptoms in the first trimester, then the second trimester will be more serious. If it is moderate or severe periodontitis, pregnant mothers are also more likely to have premature babies and low-birth-weight babies. We often meet the mothers who have just given birth and say that they have not paid attention to how to give birth to their teeth before and during pregnancy. Are they all loose? This is caused by periodontitis during pregnancy.

Second, check the caries (that is, we commonly known as "worm teeth") through the oral examination, whether there is caries, if there is a hurry to treat. Because of negligence of oral care after pregnancy, the development of dental caries will often be aggravated, only to cause tooth nerve pain, affecting diet and rest. Not only will it cause unbearable pain to pregnant women, but it will also not be able to take medicine, which will adversely affect the baby.

3. Check the impacted wisdom teeth. The impacted wisdom teeth are partially covered by gums or bone tissue. There is a deep gap between the tooth body and the gums. It is easy to accumulate food debris and the teeth are too far behind to be easily brushed. It is the blind area of ​​brushing teeth, which leads to the proliferation of bacteria directly causing acute and chronic inflammation, usually called pericoronitis of wisdom teeth.

In my work, I often encounter pregnant mothers carrying a big belly, half of her face swollen, mental state is very bad, ask the doctor to give treatment, but also worry about the baby will be affected, usually washed with simple disinfection water, called Flush around the crown. But it can't solve the substantive problem, it is very painful. If you want to prevent this from happening during pregnancy, you should control it before pregnancy, listen to the doctor's advice, and consider whether to remove it.

4. Examination of residual roots, residual crowns, and bad restorations If there are residual roots, residual crowns, and bad restorations during oral examination, on the one hand, it is not conducive to oral cleaning, on the other hand, it may become a lesion of oral infection, affecting overall health. There is unnecessary trouble during pregnancy, so it is necessary to carry out corresponding treatment and repair before pregnancy. To ensure oral health during pregnancy, healthy teeth can be eaten, and it can be beneficial to the growth and development of the baby. In addition, in the case of pregnant mothers' oral health, pay attention to oral hygiene and maintain good oral hygiene habits. Well, the above is about the end of my pre-pregnancy oral health check. Because oral health is not painful or itchy, it is easy for people to ignore, but as pregnant mothers, if the pain caused by teeth during pregnancy is for the health of the baby, there is no The method is handled normally, and after most simple treatments, it can only be carried. So for the baby's health, we should eat well and sleep well, and be in a good mood.

Finally, I would like to remind pregnant mothers to go to a regular hospital or medical institution for oral examination and listen to the advice given by the dentist.

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