Monday, July 20, 2020

How long will a woman's orgasm last?

In sex life, many people are curious about a woman's orgasm time. We all know that the orgasm time of men and women is very short, but how short is it? In fact, the female orgasm does not come just as it says, but it also needs to go through four stages. Which are the four stages?

How long will a woman's orgasm last?

1. The first stage

First, the muscles gradually tighten. About 10 to 30 seconds after sexual stimulation, the vagina begins to secrete lubricating fluid, and then the inside of the vagina begins to swell and enlarge, and the clitoris and nipples are in a state of congestion.

Second, the second stage

This stage is the so-called plateau period. In this stage, in addition to continuing the tremor and tightness of the previous stage, the heartbeat and breathing rate gradually increase, and the skin begins to turn red.

3. The third stage

Before the orgasm comes, the vagina will be congested a lot. The final result of each of the above phenomena is an orgasm that arouses infinite pleasure. Women's orgasm needs to rely on the muscle contractions of the uterus and vagina to achieve. The interval between each contraction is about 0.8 seconds. This 0.8 seconds is called the orgasm phase.

Fourth, the fourth stage

After reaching the apex, the muscle tension and congestion gradually eased back. It can be seen that the female orgasm period only lasts for 0.8 seconds, this short time is when women enjoy orgasm.

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