Thursday, July 9, 2020

How long is sex life normal

A quality sex life is related to how long the sex life is normal, in addition to the posture of the sex life. How long is sex life normal? What are the precautions for healthy sex life? The editor tells you in this article.

1. How long is sex life normal

Most couples believe that 5-8 minutes of sex can still be "accepted"; 10 minutes is an ideal state; if it exceeds 20 minutes, even if it is "long", it is easy to be exhausted. (Emotional issues plus mentor\/letter:)

According to the traditional concept, it is believed that sex should happen at night, the night adds to the mystery and femininity of sex, and it should be the perfect sex time. But sexologists have different views on this. They think the best time for sex is at the beginning of the day, at 6-8 am. Waking up in the morning, the sex hormone concentration in the female body reaches the highest value, which can bring the greatest pleasure to it.

2. Notes on healthy sex life

1. Don't force your husband and wife to live when you are tired

When it comes to the issues of precautions for couples’ sex life, there is no doubt that couples’ sex life is an important channel for emotional communication, but don’t force the “pay homework” to live a couple’s life, especially when the physical fatigue is not gone. Not only will not obtain satisfactory results, but will lead to increased fatigue, severe or even damage the health of the body.

2. Don't force your husband and wife's life when you are sick

Whether it is a man or a woman, the body is relatively weak when sick, even if it is suffering from some infectious diseases, in this case, regardless of the doctor's advice, to reluctantly carry out the husband and wife life, not only will greatly reduce the pleasure, and may even Some infectious diseases will be transmitted to the partner, which will eventually cause both diseases and damage. ()

3. Women are not able to have sex with men during menstruation

If a woman is in the physiologic period, she can’t live in the same room anyway at this time, because the woman’s body is very weak at this time, and the cervix is ​​in an open state at this time, it is easy to be attacked by the bacteria for the sake of women’s health. In consideration, this special period must be avoided as much as possible.

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