Saturday, July 4, 2020

How long is it best to get pregnant? No more, no less, so long is the most suitable

Modern young people's thinking is more and more scientific, they will prepare for pregnancy in advance before they want to have children. Rather than being pregnant with the old age like those of the older generation. So, if you want to prepare for pregnancy, do you know how long it is best to prepare for pregnancy?

I believe that many people who are preparing for pregnancy have heard that folic acid needs to be supplemented before pregnancy. It is best to eat for two or three months. In fact, the process of supplementing folic acid is also the process of preparing for pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to maintain the pregnancy period for three months.

With that said, you might think I said it casually. However, it is most appropriate to prepare for three months of pregnancy, but it is not justified by nothing, but supported by reason and science. Next, help my mother explain to everyone why it is best to prepare for three months of pregnancy in advance.

Basis 1: A high-quality egg cell takes 85 days to form

Almost everyone knows that a woman usually discharges only one mature egg cell a month. However, few people know that a mature egg cell has a very long development process before it is discharged. The formation of a healthy and very high-quality egg cell requires a growth cycle of up to 85 days. There are many egg cells developing at the same time, but in the end, only one can really be discharged by the follicles. Therefore, during this long screening period, pregnant women need to fully regulate the body, so that the highest quality egg cells can be discharged.

Basis 2: It takes 90 days for a high-quality sperm cell to form

Sperm cells are developed from spermatogonia to spermatocytes, and then to a real sperm cell. This gradual development process requires a total of 72-90 days. Therefore, in order to have a high-quality sperm cell, men also need to start three months in advance in order to develop a high-quality sperm cell.

Basis 3: The metabolic cycle of harmful substances in the body is three months

Many harmful substances and toxins are hidden in the human body. If you take drugs, there will be some drug residues in the body. And these substances will affect the healthy development of the fetus. However, the body itself has metabolic functions. Three months is a complete cycle of the body's metabolism of harmful substances. Therefore, if you want your baby to develop healthier, you need to start preparing three months in advance.

Basis four: pregnant women need to add folic acid

Many women who are not prepared specifically do not know until they have been pregnant for 30 days. At this time, the best period for the fetus to prevent neural tube defects has been missed. Folic acid is a drug that prevents fetal neural tube defects. Due to the dietary habits of the Chinese people, women in my country generally lack folic acid. Therefore, in order to prevent fetal neural tube defects, pregnant women need to supplement folic acid in advance. Folic acid supplementation is not effective in a day or two, so the recommendation given by the Chinese Nutrition Society is: start folic acid supplementation 2-3 months before pregnancy, until the third trimester of pregnancy, or even throughout the entire pregnancy. In addition, supplementing folic acid can not only prevent fetal neural tube malformation, but also reduce the incidence of hyperlipidemia in pregnancy.

This shows that it is best to prepare for pregnancy three months in advance. Preparing for pregnancy three months in advance can not only adjust the body's condition to the best, but also have high-quality sperm eggs. In order to give birth to a healthy baby, make the most adequate preparation, in order to have the greatest certainty and give birth to a healthy baby.

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