Wednesday, July 1, 2020

How harmful is late sleep to children? Not only affects development, personality changes are lifelong

Sleeping late will make a person mentally depressed, unable to enter a state of study or work, or even lose the sense of happiness. For children, the lethality of late sleep is even greater. Today, I will help mom talk about the harm of late sleep to children What.

1. Affect growth and development

In addition to being related to the genetics of the parents and the nutritional status acquired, the height of a person also depends on the sleep status of the child, which is little known. The hormone that promotes growth and development in the body is called growth hormone. This hormone is only secreted in large quantities at night. Children who often sleep late will miss the time of hormone secretion, and naturally they will not grow long, so,'Go to bed early and get up early, good health 'This sentence has its truth in it.

2. Immunity decline

The human body has immune function. When its immune function is destroyed, the immune function will be weakened or lost, and it is easy to get sick. The cause of low immunity is late sleep. When the person stays up late, the organs in the body are Running for too long without getting a rest, it will fail over time. Organ failure can lead to weakened metabolic capacity and decreased immunity of the body.

3. Irritability

Sleeping at night will make the child inexplicably irritable and want to lose his temper. In fact, whether it is an adult or a child, late sleep will make the temper become irritable, because people who sleep at night will inevitably be lazy and their brains will be groggy, no The ability to think, in this situation where the brain loses control and judgment, emotions can easily burst without coordination, and after a long time, people become irritable and irritable.

4. Memory loss

Children's lack of sleep can easily affect the development of the brain, resulting in poor memory, slow brains, and slow response. It is well known that adequate sleep not only makes people feel full of energy and feels good, but also makes their brains agile. Imagine, If you don’t have a good night’s rest and carry a dull head to carry things, the effect is no less than that of the monk's chanting.

Parents must not sit idly by when their children go to bed late. First of all, parents should lead by example and set a good example. If it is invalid, they must make rules to stipulate the time at which children sleep at night and wake up in the morning, and set an alarm clock. I believe that under the example strength and enforcement of parents leading by example, children will definitely go to bed early and get up early, in good health.

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