Wednesday, July 1, 2020

How do parents help their children to get higher in the spring when the child is "long-term"?

Spring is the "long high season" of children. Everything recovers in spring and the earth warms up. Not only do the grasses take root and germinate, but the children should also stretch their little arms and calves for a long time, and they will soon grow taller. We know that the spring climate is warm, and the temperature and air humidity will make people feel very comfortable. In this season, the child's growth hormone is secreted more than in the other three seasons. Therefore, parents who want their children to grow taller must firmly grasp this "long high season".

So, how can parents help their children to get higher if their children are "extensive"? The following methods are tricks:

Trick one: Eat more foods with increased efficacy

Wanting children to grow taller, what to eat is definitely the most critical issue. As we all know, eating more foods containing protein and amino acids is the most beneficial to growing tall. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, so parents should supplement their children with protein-containing foods, such as eggs, fish, shrimp, lean pork, peanuts, sesame, and seeds. In addition, the calcium element, which is essential for the growth of the child's bones, parents should also give the child more supplements, such as: milk, kelp, dark green vegetables and so on. In the spring of children's "long-term", parents let them eat more foods with enhanced effects, which is more useful than eating some medicines and health products.

Trick 2: Children of different ages sleep enough for different lengths of time

Many people know that letting children sleep more at night is very helpful for heightening. Because the growth hormone secreted by the child at night is 5-7 times that of the day. So, how many hours should the child sleep at night? Children of different ages have different sleep durations. Like a 0-1 year old child, plus the daytime sleep time, probably sleep about 12-14 hours a day. Children 1-3 years old sleep about 11-13 hours a day, while children 3-12 years old need to sleep about 9-11 hours. But in fact, very few children can fall asleep according to this sleep standard. Therefore, those who want their children to grow taller in the spring should help them adjust their schedules and let them sleep as early as possible.

Trick Three: Do more of these "pull high" sports

Exercise is a powerful auxiliary power for children to grow taller. Therefore, it is necessary for children to do more sports that help to "pull up" in the spring season with a pleasant climate. The known "pull-up" exercise involves playing basketball. This exercise helps children do stretching exercises. In addition, skipping rope can also help children grow taller. Studies have shown that children who insist on skipping rope every day grow much faster than those who do not. Therefore, parents should urge their children to do these two "pull high" sports every day. If it is a child, it is not suitable for these sports, parents should also be warm in the spring, take the child to walk outdoors, sunbathe, and promote the absorption of calcium in the body.

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