Thursday, July 9, 2020

How did the couple's first life go smoothly

1. Maintain physical and mental health

Suffering from AIDS is very painful, and many people are difficult to know whether they have AIDS. Therefore, in order to ensure the physical and mental health of the other party and themselves, it is very necessary to conduct a pre-marital medical examination in advance.

Second, the lubricating fluid is very effective

At the first time, both sides will definitely feel anxious and excited. Especially for women, because of the inner anxiety and vagina, the vagina is tightly closed, which is very unfavorable for the entry of the menstrual channel. Even if it enters, it will cause pain in the vagina of the woman. Therefore, it is very necessary to apply human lubricant at this time, so that the yin meridian "slides" into the female vagina with a silky feeling, and can also reduce the damage to the lady.

3. Do a good job of contraception

Many people were excited when they had no work experience at the first time, and often forgot to take good measures to prevent pregnancy. However, they were very easy to get pregnant under the condition of excitement, and finally had difficulties during pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the soberness in advance and put security on each other.

4. Men should maintain confidence and tenderness

The boy was excited for the first time and then passed through the hematoma, and was more sensitive to the excessive pleasure caused by the friction of the sexual organs. Therefore, it is normal for the situation to surrender early. All the boy has to do is to maintain confidence, not to be severely hit by such things, and pose as softly as possible to prevent damage to the vaginal cavity of the girl.

My first life is not different from the first bike ride and the first drainage. There are often small problems, and these problems will gradually be solved with the increase of time and speed.

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