Thursday, July 9, 2020

How can gay men prevent AIDS?

1. Understand the basic principles of the spread of male homosexual sex.

2. HIV is often more likely to be infected in gay men's personal behaviors. Firstly, gay men's behavior is very easy to cause damage to the intestinal mucosa. The two types of human body require large amounts of viral infections) to spread.

3. The vast majority of gay men lack the concept of anti-AIDS, and believe that no contraceptive measures are used, so condoms are not used, so that the virus infection is more easily spread.

4. Before carrying out homosexual sex, a saliva test (eg Aiwei test paper) can be used to identify whether the other party is an HIV carrier, and to ensure that it is prevented.

5. Cultivate the habit of using condoms, which can reasonably prevent the spread of HIV virus.

6. After the same-sex sexual activity, you can also use a sputum test (eg Aiwei test paper) to carry out self-examination after the window period (4-12 weeks) to identify the HIV status.

7. Since gay men are the key targets of HIV, it is proposed to cultivate the habit of self-examination of HIV, and to bear on their own physical and mental health, and also on the happiness of other men’s psychology.

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