Sunday, July 5, 2020

Have you heard of the best age difference between husband and wife?

Now that we have all heard of the most adorable height difference, have you ever heard of the best age difference?

The best age difference is that the age difference between men and women is around 7 years old. This is put forward on the basis of the best age for men and women.

The best childbearing age for women is between 23 and 30 years old. As we all probably know, in the case of women becoming pregnant, the older they are, the greater the risks women face. A large number of facts and studies by professionals have shown that the risk of pregnancy of older women is far greater than that of women of appropriate age, and it is more prone to miscarriage and dystocia during pregnancy and childbirth.

The age of women giving birth is too young. Although the risk of pregnancy and childbirth is much lower than that of older women, but women of this age should be mostly those who have just graduated or have not yet fixed jobs. It is difficult to have children after they have children. Can afford the money and energy needed to raise children.

Moreover, this stage is the most perfect stage for women's physiological development. The quality of eggs is high. Whether it is during pregnancy or pregnancy, it is easier than women of other ages, and it is more suitable from the perspective of child development. .

The composition of the embryo is composed of egg cells and sperm, and the optimal age for male reproduction is between 30 and 35 years old. Studies have shown that the quality of male reproductive cells is the best at 30 years of age, and will remain in this state for the next 5 years.

In addition to physical factors, when women are 23-30 years old and men are 30-35 years old, objective factors such as social cognition and economic basis tend to be more perfect, and the economic pressure on children’s upbringing is relatively stable. Can better assume the responsibilities of parents.

And in the field of genetics, scientists have found that during the reproductive stage, the younger the couple, the younger their children are, the more likely they are to inherit the deficiencies that their parents inherited to themselves, and inherit the good genes inherited to themselves. Give yourself the next generation. However, the older the child, the less likely the child will have this variability.

From the perspective of eugenics and eugenics, it can only prove that men and women in this age group have a greater chance of producing healthy children. Besides, the health of children is a combination of many factors. More importantly, it depends on the arrival of two people. The common love of the little life.

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