Thursday, July 9, 2020

Gender skills: how to improve sex life time

Sexual life of husband and wife is the highlight of maintaining marital relationship. How do couples live sex? How to improve sex life time? In this article, the editor will share the content of the couple's sexual life.

1. How do couples have sex

The frequency of sex is related to age and physical fitness. For young people with relatively ideal physical fitness, it is appropriate to have 2-3 sexual intercourses per week, and 1-2 sexual intercourses for middle-aged people. As the age of both parties increases, the number of sexual intercourses can gradually decrease.

The frequency of sexual intercourse can be based on the principle of whether the two parties feel fatigued after sexual life. If they are mentally weak and tired after sexual intercourse, the frequency of sexual intercourse should be appropriately reduced.

Second, how to improve sex life time

1. Stop motion appropriately

Stop stimulation appropriately. When the woman gives the man sexual stimulation, if the man feels that he is about to ejaculate, he can prompt the woman to stop. If the asexual arousal is set to 0 and the ejaculation orgasm is set to 10, then during the implementation of sexual stimulation, when the man feels that the degree of sexual stimulation is 8, he can tell the woman to stop immediately. This can ease the excitement of the man, buffer the upcoming, and then continue the war.

2. Throw out the misunderstandings

Don't worry about the climax. The more I remember the orgasm, the faster the orgasm may come. Focusing on the actions you are doing (such as kissing your wife’s sexy thighs, etc.) can help delay the arrival of orgasm and make sex life longer.

3. Control your breathing

Take a deep breath. When ejaculation is about to elapse, breathing will become fast and shallow, and slow and deep breathing at this time will help calm the mood and delay ejaculation. The key to deep breathing is that both inhalation and exhalation should reach the limit as much as possible, that is, if you can't breathe, you can't breathe again, and when you breathe, you can't breathe again. At the same time, the abdomen should contract and swell to the extreme accordingly.

4. Use special sex positions

Choose female. Choosing the right sex position can achieve the purpose of prolonging sex time. The erotic posture of the female upper male and female lower can let the female take the initiative, the male side exerts less force, the muscles are more relaxed, the penis gets less stimulation, and will not easily ejaculate. At this time, the woman's movements can be slowed down properly, which is very demanding on the woman itself and requires many exercises to master.

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