Friday, July 10, 2020

Gender knowledge: skills and misunderstandings of sex between men and women

Men and women have sex, this is what men and women love, but many people will ignore the importance of sex, it will lead to emotional disharmony. The terrible thing in a relationship is not the derailment, but the encounter between the two sexes.

First, the sex skills of men and women

1. Pay attention to cleanliness

Cleaning is the basic preparation before sex. Washing secretions and removing bad odors of the body can prevent the other person from feeling uncomfortable, or reduce interest in love, and can also reduce the possibility of bacterial infection.

2. Make a foreplay

Foreplay is a very important part of sex life, and kissing, caressing, etc. are indispensable links in foreplay. Women and men are inherently different in foreplay rhythm, so foreplay time requires two people to fully communicate, men should be concerned about women's feelings and reactions.

3. Whole body investment

Sex requires two people to devote themselves wholeheartedly to avoid being like a wood and not responding to each other. Saying a few words of encouragement and praise can not only provoke the partner's lust, but also make the partner more intoxicated. Also pay attention to turn off the mobile phone and TV, etc., to reject outside interference.

4. Don't force it

The sex process requires the physical and mental input and interaction of two people, so it is not appropriate to force each other, so that male and female love can reflect the understanding and respect between the sexes. Sex should choose a time when both parties feel fit, and avoid fatigue, depression, and female menstruation. It may be that the "overlord's hard bow" will make the partner feel disgusted and not conducive to feelings.

When men and women have sex, men often dominate, and women often have the shyness to express their feelings because they fall into misunderstandings.

Second, the misunderstanding of women having sex

Don't be shy about expressing your feelings about "sex", whether it is longing, refusal, rejoicing, or dissatisfaction, you must speak frankly.

Like does not mean debauchery, refusal is not not love, whether pretending to be reserved, or playing in a show, is not a healthy and harmonious husband and wife life. The deformed concept of sex prevents women from enjoying the pleasure of sex, and it also affects the relationship with their loved ones in life. The other side of being ashamed to say is to cater to your will. He was clearly unhappy and did not want to, but in order to satisfy his husband, he was afraid that the husband would be unhappy, and even worried that the husband would not be satisfied at home and went out looking for excitement, pretending to enjoy, pretending to desire, pretending to climax.

Two healthy and loving people, normally speaking, should be able to experience the joy of body collision. If you don't enjoy it, you have a physical, psychological or life problem. At this time, problems should be analyzed and solved rationally and objectively to achieve harmony. The false flattery of false accusation is to cover up the truth with falsehood. After a long time, the problem will accumulate deeper and deeper, and there will always be a day when you can't pretend.

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