Saturday, July 4, 2020

Four misunderstandings about opening milk, the last treasure mother should avoid!

What is open milk, in simple terms, the first time a newborn eats breast milk is open milk. Bao moms will certainly have such doubts, when is the best time to open milk, later or earlier? Do you have to wait for the breasts to grow before you can open the milk? Today, the editor will give everyone who is about to be a mother how to open milk correctly, so that the mothers can avoid the misunderstanding of opening milk!

Misunderstanding one, breast swelling is a good time to open milk

When many mothers just gave birth to their babies, they felt that their breasts did not show any signs of swelling. They were afraid that no milk would be given to their children. This is actually a wrong idea. The doctor suggested that the child can let the child eat the first milk of her life in about half an hour. New mothers should grasp this precious thirty minutes, let the baby intimate contact with himself, let him listen to his heartbeat, smell the smell of his body, and close contact with their breasts.

Sufficient milk is naturally good, but if the mother’s milk is relatively small, it should be given to the child earlier. Because it helps to promote the secretion of your own milk. When the milk is opened earlier, the child's mouth and breasts are fully contacted, the pituitary gland is stimulated, and the mother will secrete a lot of milk. If the milk is opened only a few days later, the pituitary gland will be less sensitive and there will be insufficient milk production.

Misunderstanding 2. Drink plenty of soup to prepare for the first milk

Each mother's physique is different and the abundance of milk is also different. In order to make the baby eat up for the first time, many mothers just add various high-protein soups before milking. In fact, the highest in these soups is cholesterol and fat! In fact, the best way for mothers to breastfeed is to achieve balanced nutrition. During pregnancy and confinement, you should eat more milk, vegetables, fruits and other foods to absorb nutrients in a balanced manner. The result of excessive consumption of Dabu soup is a rapid increase in weight and an increased risk of gout.

Misunderstanding three, one breast feeding after opening milk

Many mothers always give preference to one side when feeding their children. One is because the posture may be more comfortable; the other is because one of the breasts has smoother milk production. The editor still said that the secretion is not enough to let the baby suck frequently, so as to promote the secretion of milk.

The baby always sucks on your breast with smooth milk, which will inevitably deform the breast after weaning, which is not normal in size. In addition to the affected mother, the baby's development will also be affected by this bad feeding habit. The baby only eats milk on one side, and after a long period of time, he will easily get strabismus or tilt his head.

Misunderstanding 4. The color of colostrum is not good-looking and cannot be given to the baby

Generally speaking, the milk of the mother within 7 days after delivery is called colostrum. The color of colostrum is not good-looking, yellow-white, and thicker. Mother thinks that it may not be suitable for baby to eat, so she thinks about squeezing it out first, and waits for the milk color to become normal before opening the milk. The mother who did this made the baby lose a fortune! The reason why colostrum appears yellow-white is because it is rich in β-carotene. The thick colostrum is because it contains more protein.

Colostrum is generally considered to be the most nutritious milk, which contains less fat and lactose, which is particularly conducive to the digestion and absorption of newborns. There is still more sulfuric acid in colostrum, and the newborn lacks the ability to synthesize this amino acid early, so this sulfuric acid can just make up for this deficiency, and it will affect the baby's brain and nervous system function, intellectual development, and vision development. Is excellent!

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